brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

The 9th Witch appalachian_witch at
Sat Jul 20 12:08:53 EST 2002

> > Tiger Woods is a Thai Coon. :)
> And he isn't very proud of the Niggerness.
> He seemed very proud of his Asian genes.



The purpose of this statement is to explain my heritage for the benefit of
members of the media who may be seeing me play for the first time. It is the
final and only comment I will make regarding the issue.

My parents have taught me to always be proud of my ethnic background. Please
rest assured that is, and always will be, the case - past, present, and

The media has portrayed me as African-America; sometimes, Asian. In fact, I
am both.

Yes, I am the product of two great cultures, one African-American and the
other Asian.

On my father's side, I am African-American. On my mother's side, I am Thai.
Truthfully, I feel very fortunate, and EQUALLY PROUD, to be both
African-American and Asian!

The critical and fundamental point is that ethnic background and/or
composition should NOT make a difference. It does NOT make a difference to
me. The bottom line is that I am an American...and proud of it!

That is who I am and what I am. Now, with your cooperation, I hope I can
just be a golfer and a human being.



Press release

On Oprah, he referred to himself as Cablinasian, a fusion of Caucasion,
black, Indian(Native American) and Asian.

In reality, his mother is Thai and Chinese, and his father is Black and
Native American/Caucasian.

Doesn't seem to be ashamed of any of his races to me.


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