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>> i stand on what i've posted.
>You can stand on your head - you haven't made your point!

you [again] 'eliminate' context, and then 'make-up' whatever direction it is
in which you want to 'steer' the discussion, in the way of some wasteful
'dance', not 'bothering' to actually deal with anything that's actually in
anything i've posted.

i'd answer you in a trying-to-be-informative way, if you'd just query' in a
way that explicitly states a question, explicitly with respect to stuff that
i've actually posted.

one can See-Clearly, through the 'lens' of the 'moving away from', inherent
in your posts, that your interests lie somewhere other than in the stuff of

as Lincoln said, "A man has not time to spend half his life in quarrels."

i stand on what i've posted.

k. p. collins

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