Brian says John has a "nigger mind" Re: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Thalamus zhil at
Sat Jul 20 12:40:57 EST 2002

"The 9th Witch" <appalachian_witch at> skrev i melding
news:ahc3ev$s5erf$1 at

> > Yep, laughing at it's own show of stupidity, if John is a Christian,
> I
> > guess he has studied the subject closely, unlike the woodoo-bullshit
> > your kind dreams up.
> >
> Like the life tree, Yggdrasil, guarded by the serpent, Nidhogg; a tree
> produces honeydew and berries that help women with pregnancy.
> No....wait....that's Norse mythology...isn't it?

That was ages ago, cocksucker, and it isn't a religion per se for White
Superior Gods of today.


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