brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Sat Jul 20 14:33:13 EST 2002

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> >Thanks, I knew that, but I wanted to kick her around a bit.
> >Anyway, are you a MENSA'n BTW ?
> The nincompoop, a MENSA'n?  What a laugh!  He keeps posting about test
> scores, but he changes the subject every time someone asks him to post his
> own scores, especially after the women, Jews, and blacks that he hates post
> their own high scores.
> lojbab

Brian is most likely intelligent enough to be able to tear your STUPID
statement to shreds.  Your statement has nothing whatsoever to do with
the subject at hand, and it's in fact a misleading statement (I would
have said "intentionally misleading", but you don't seem to have the
brains to comprehend why).

You don't seem to even comprehend what an 'average' is.  This isn't a
personality contest, this is a social commentary about a scientific
study which says NOTHING about individuals, at all.  It is ONLY about
the average test scores of the two sexes in various nations which
participated, and your continual attempts to degrade it to some kind
of personality contest can only be explained by a desire to sidetrack
the discussion (or your inability to even comprehend this point, or

John Knight

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