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>> as Lincoln said, "A man has not time to spend half his life in quarrels."
>> k. p. collins
>Lincoln must have been referring to someone other than you.

i've always viewed it as Lincoln's speaking with respect to his own
experience, and i agree with the deeper-stuff inherent.

let's see. i've spent about 20 minutes, up to now, responding to your

there's Precious energy-flow in-there, but it's only about 1/(1.5 * 10 ^ 6)
of my Life, hardly "half", so 'you' can't be asserting, through Lincoln,
with respect to me.

for all i know, 'you' might be the work of some junior programmer who's 'on
a lark' with respect to some "Elissa"-type of 'analysis'.

can't tell, but the complete absence of Logic in "your" posts does coincide.

actually, what i've been doing is giving folks who do such sufficient
'triangulation' data with respect to "your" pseudo-posting-address.

not that i care with respect to such.

but, perhaps, in "your" surmise with respect to Lincoln's expression,
"you're" addressing more than only the msgs we've exchanged?

not that "you'd" own such, because doing so would be an admission that
"you're" 'stalking' me online.

another alternative is that "you're" just 'fishing' for information with
respect to 'me'.

so, i'll 'play-along', a bit.

what i'm actually doing, over the long term, is going over the stuff that's
been in AoK all along, 'rolling-it-around', holding up this or that facet in
this or that light, so that folks who've an interest, can receive insight
into its deeper stuff within the integrated whole. i'm 'conducting a tour'
beneath the 'level' of AoK's 'language'-interface.

if 'you' haven't noticed, folks tend not to respond to my posts, so, if
NDT's concepts're going to be communicated, then i've got to do it as i'm
doing it.

just now, i am spending a lot of 'time' online, mostly because i've not been
able to find employment, so i'm free to do so, and want to do so, as much as
i can, before i've got to stuff my laundry bag, and "hit the road, Jack".

it's 'funny' that i can't find employment.

in a narrow spectrum of computing, i'm right up there with the best there is
[=not= in terms of 'elegance' and 'style'. just in terms of rooting-out
what's in-there].

can't find a job, though.

too old?

or is everyone 'afraid' of becoming 'associated' with me?

don't know.

all i know is i can't find employment.

so the 'time' i have, before the bottom-drops-out, is Precious to me.

so, i'd appreciate it if "you'd" either find Logic, or just 'go away'.

no hard feelings.

"you" don't have to 'pry' stuff out of me. i've already fulfilled my
Responsibility with respect to such 'Disclosure'.

"you" don't have to 'worry'.

i won't 'get away with' anything.

so, go on the 'tour', or not, but please don't 'redirect' the Precious stuff
that's left to me.

k. p. collins

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