Niggers get high on lizard droppings

Jet thatjetnospam at
Sat Jul 20 22:31:19 EST 2002

Thalamus wrote:
> "Jet" <thatjetnospam at> skrev i melding
> news:3D39EB47.ADB71BA4 at
> > >
> > > Remember the witch-hunts ?
> > > Burning at the stake ?
> >
> > Remember the Berlin Wall?
> You shouldn't talk too much............Nigger.

Translation: I've posted a perfect example of non religious tyranny, so
you have nothing left but to call me "nigger", and post a totally
irrelevant link to smoking lizard droppings...

When you should be working on that physics problem...unless it's beyond
you, monkey boy. Since you and your sister/wife have no idea where to
even start on the problem, you'll just have to search for some more
irrelevant links and call me "nigger" again.


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