brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Sat Jul 20 22:38:47 EST 2002

Phallus wrote:

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>news:ce660175.0207201033.2a387694 at
>> >>>You missed the point on purpose, which you snipped (you biggotted
>> >>>liar): <Snipped again>
>> >>So why did you post that stuff above, if it wasn't relevant? Is the
>> >>Birth Rate supposed to be a bad thing?
>> >Do you want to flood the world with idiotic-minded sociopaths (read:
>> >Nigger <=> crime)??
>> >Brian
>> Do you want to flood the world with bigoted blame-mongering psychotic
>> Caucasians with an anger management problem (read:  Adolf Hitler <=>
>> war, genocide, trashing Europe, etc.)?
>Better than bat-turd sniffing Niggers.

Please do go emulate your hero Adolf.  

...In his present-day form, that is.

>You shouldn't talk too much............Nigger.

I'll talk as much as I damn well please...................Loser.   

(P.S. FWIW I'm Italian, but I'll wear your epithet like a badge of honor).

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