brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > John, what is the H04, that is - what is the question of H04 ?
> > I'm Norwegian, and we have other standards here.
> > This Nigger is harping on it through several posts, and if you could
> repeat
> > the original question "What is the length..............." etc. - so I
> could
> > shut the stupid coon.
> >
> > Brian
> You can see the original problem at
> Brian, or download the scores from
> This is one of the 13 multiple choice questions (ONE THIRD of that test)
> where American girls scored lower than if they had just guessed.
> But of course the feminazis can't even figure out what this means, so
> they're claiming that we're lying.  Maybe you can straighten them out,
> because I sure can't.

Ok, the problem isn't difficult.

F=force - downward
S=Hight of fall

I did it this way, first I said that F=2m(v/t).

Then I converted the equation to t=sqr(mS/ma), moving the t to the left
side, and the F (ma) to the right side.
I used both equations for the object separatly, and ended up with the same
equation t=sqr(S/a).
Sqr means square-root of the equation in the parenthesis ().
So, the resulting velocity would be the same, as the same time is spent on
the fall, and the tension would be zero.


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