brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > Both you and Mr. Knight are attempting to maintain that because of
> > these "averages", either the exceptional individuals must apparently
> > not exist; their feats and accomplishments are invalid for one reason
> > or another, or that it's dangerous to society to suggest that their
> > birth-group as a whole be allowed to have open access to certain
> > opportunities, privileges, freedoms and rights.
> >
> > ...So, in other words, you are trying to use these averages to justify
> > bigotry against individuals NO MATTER THEIR CAPABILITY.
> >
> It's hard to tell if you're just too STUPID to be able to comprehend a
> single word that was posted, or if you post such things just to attempt to
> confuse the issue.  Either way, they sure are great debate tactics, aren't
> they?
> So this reply isn't for you--it's only to set the record straight.
> NOBODY claims that "exceptional individuals must apparently not exist".
> This is a LIE.  We are the ones noting that exceptional individuals DO
> exist.  The point you don't seem to grasp, or don't want to admit, is that
> the real exceptional individuals aren't getting recognition because
> affirmative action hirees are handed all the resources on a silver
> which does nobody any good.
> In terms of intellectual accomplishments, the high scores of East Asians
> suggests that they should have most of the exceptional individuals, and
> their recent accomplishments in technology, family incomes, social
> stability, and personal savings is entirely consistent.  They are so far
> the curve, that the most exceptional White American women don't even reach
> their median scores, which is a very good indication that there's
> awry about all this hooplah about Curie and Hopper.  GRE shows that the
> upper sixth of American White women score 632, which is 11 points LOWER
> the median Asians in the US, and they score much lower than Asians in Asia
> [read: the very brightest White American women are the dull knives in the
> drawer compared to the MEDIAN Asian man].
> We actually do know what you mean by "bigotry against individuals NO
> THEIR CAPABILITY".  What you mean is that, no matter how low American
> scored in TIMSS Math and Science, regardless of the fact that they scored
> lower than if they'd just guessed on ONE third of TIMSS physics problems,
> even though the creme de la creme of women who took GRE quantitative
> 127 points lower than Asian men--it's only because of "bigotry" that women
> don't get 50% of all patents rather than 4%.

Top 6th is actually a large grouping.  As far as I know, every gifted person
is 95th percentile (or maybe it was 98th).

This is much smaller than the top 6th, which is something around the 83rd

Also, I'd expect the standard deviation of Asians to be smaller.  Do your
stats reflect this?  Or am I mistaken?

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