Brian got it wrong, John still can't answer. Re: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Sun Jul 21 01:32:15 EST 2002

John Knight wrote:
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> > Both you and Mr. Knight are attempting to maintain that because of
> > these "averages", either the exceptional individuals must apparently
> > not exist; their feats and accomplishments are invalid for one reason
> > or another, or that it's dangerous to society to suggest that their
> > birth-group as a whole be allowed to have open access to certain
> > opportunities, privileges, freedoms and rights.
> >
> > ...So, in other words, you are trying to use these averages to justify
> > bigotry against individuals NO MATTER THEIR CAPABILITY.
> >
> It's hard to tell if you're just too STUPID to be able to comprehend a
> single word that was posted, or if you post such things just to attempt to
> confuse the issue.  Either way, they sure are great debate tactics, aren't
> they?
> So this reply isn't for you--it's only to set the record straight.
> NOBODY claims that "exceptional individuals must apparently not exist".
> This is a LIE.  We are the ones noting that exceptional individuals DO
> exist.  The point you don't seem to grasp, or don't want to admit, is that
> the real exceptional individuals aren't getting recognition because
> affirmative action hirees are handed all the resources on a silver platter,
> which does nobody any good.
> In terms of intellectual accomplishments, the high scores of East Asians
> suggests that they should have most of the exceptional individuals, and
> their recent accomplishments in technology, family incomes, social
> stability, and personal savings is entirely consistent.  They are so far up
> the curve, that the most exceptional White American women don't even reach
> their median scores, which is a very good indication that there's something
> awry about all this hooplah about Curie and Hopper.  GRE shows that the
> upper sixth of American White women score 632, which is 11 points LOWER than
> the median Asians in the US, and they score much lower than Asians in Asia
> [read: the very brightest White American women are the dull knives in the
> drawer compared to the MEDIAN Asian man].
> We actually do know what you mean by "bigotry against individuals NO MATTER
> THEIR CAPABILITY".  What you mean is that, no matter how low American girls
> scored in TIMSS Math and Science, regardless of the fact that they scored
> lower than if they'd just guessed on ONE third of TIMSS physics problems,
> even though the creme de la creme of women who took GRE quantitative scored
> 127 points lower than Asian men--it's only because of "bigotry" that women
> don't get 50% of all patents rather than 4%.

What do you have to say about the fact you can't answer any of the
questions you took girls to task for not being able to answer?

Here's a really simple one:

Brian got it wrong, he thought the objects started out at the same
height and you don't have a clue.


> Dead wrong.
> John Knight

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