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Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Sun Jul 21 12:11:24 EST 2002

"The Puzzling Red Wine Headache", By MARIAN BURROS

a Question left 'dangling'.

perhaps there's 'Treasure' in-it, with respect to "functional multiplexing".

it's not an 'easy' Q. it's not only the red wine, but also, food that's also
in-there when the wine is ingested [including inter-cultural
[inter-geographical-region; inter-group; etc.] dietary differentiation,
etc.], and 'life-style', in-general.

but this's the sort of Q that bears-fruits in unexpected ways.

and that's the essence of there being 'treasure'-in-there.

[there're =many= other Qs that are analogous, also left-'dangling'. their
'treasure' un-'mined'.]

k. p. collins

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