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Sun Jul 21 13:31:50 EST 2002

Jimbo wrote in message ...
>Paranoia is treatable.

let's see...

my work in Science and Maths stands verified.

my computer skills, with respect to so-called "intractable" problems stand

my un-employed-ness stands verified.

the fact that i'm taking folks on a 'tour' beneath the 'level' of AoK's
'language' interface stands verified.
the fact that folks rarely respond to what i post stands verified.

the fact that i've got x dollars, and, then, i've got to "hit the road,
Jack" stands verified. [i Understand that this derives in folks' not wanting
to transgress the unusual circumstance that's briefly discussed in AoK,
Ap10: arguing against NDT before NDT is comprehended substantiates NDT.]

the fact that you're using a 'pseudo'-ID to post discussions in a Science
'place' stands verified. ['pseudo'-IDs are a useful means for folks to
access email, but their use is flat-out Unethical in a Science 'place'.]

the fact that 'your' posts have been devoid of Logic stands verified.

the fact that 'your' posts are directed at 'me', rather than anything having
to do with the Science in what i've posted stands verified.

so, what gives?

some-'times', what needs to be done is just 'Difficult'.

and when the stuff that needs to be done is just 'Difficult', and
Unfamiliar, then doing it is =really= Difficult.

i do this Unfamiliar stuff.

again, as is briefly explained in AoK, Ap10, doing it tends to 'induce'
folks to 'move away from'.

such 'Hurts'.

so i 'whine' when i have to (call it a "red-'whine' 'headache' :-).

'shunts' the 'Hurt' into the 'dumpster'.

then, i just keep-on.

'cause this Unfamiliar, =really= Difficult, stuff =really= Needs to be Done.

if i'd a niclkel for every 'time' someone 'moved away from' what i do, i
could afford to write the 2nd Edition of AoK :-)

it's old-long-since that i've Accepted that i've got to do it the 'Hard'

'move toward' within the 'current' of 'moving away from'.

call such what "you" will, it's what i do.

just wish i could afford 'scuba gear' when the 'stream' gets overly-supplied
with Waste :-)

'stroke', 'heave', 'stroke', 'heave'...

but, in the end, stuff'll grow on the 'shore'.

k. p. collins

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