brain sizes: Einstein's and women's--jet

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at
Sun Jul 21 18:09:20 EST 2002

"John Knight" <johnknight at> wrote:
>Is it at *all* possible for you to understand the VAST difference between
>the following two statements?  I really doubt if it is, since you were
>obviously in that 50% of American boys who couldn't understand it either:

And your evidence for this mythical 50% is?

>> >> Jet wrote:
>> >> Do you have numbers that are less than zero for the percentage of
>> >> students with correct answers, monkey boy?
>She misinterpreted this from the following:
>> >ps--this "math problem" actually is about as simple as many of the TIMSS
>> >questions where less than zero percent of American girls got the correct
>> >answer, once adjusted for guesses.

What part of "less than zero percent of American girls got the correct
answer" did you NOT intend, and how does it make any sense, so matter how
much you "adjust it for guesses"?

>Is the difference REALLY beyond your ability to comprehend, lojbab?  If it
>is, just ask, and we'll get someone else to explain it to you.

I guess you aren't able to explain your own words?  Maybe English isn't you
native language?  (We are still waiting to hear how Celtic and Hebrew are the
same language, or even similar).

>However, there's actually a very small chance that either one of you will
>ever be able to detect the difference.

You can't write in clear English, and it is OUR problem?  YOU are the one who
is made a laughingstock by your nincompoop statements.


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