brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Cary Kittrell cary at
Mon Jul 22 14:12:17 EST 2002

In article  "John Knight" <johnknight at> writes:

<Nope.  You "liberals" "think" you can commit blasphemy and profane Our Lord
<Jesus Christ, and insult our Christian Founding Forefathers, and denigrate
<the Christian man who made this country work, and get away with it, but this
<is what the jews in 86 nations before us "thought", and the Moors of Spain
<"thought", and the Torries in this country "thought", just a few days before
<they were summarily kicked out.
<The laws needed to do this are already in place in this country--we're just
<taking names and kicking butt.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  "Just you wait 'til my big brother gets home.  You'll
see then, boy" <sniff> <snivel> <bluster>

Gee, John, you've been threatening this is going to take place Real Soon 
Now ever since the first post if yours I read.  Care to set a date when
your mythical "we" are going to do this?

-- cary

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