brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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<> < You claim "sexual equality" and then make STUPID remarks like that which
<> < no man would dare utter?
<> Eh?  "All she needs is a good fuc." is a line uttered not infrequently
<> by men.
<> < There is absolutely no "equality" here.  It's
<> < precisely the opposite, because your fixation with sex demonstrates the
<> < limit of your intellectual prowess.
<> Oh, I dunno.  Sir Bertrand was one of the brightest intellects of this...
<> oops, last century, and he was notoriously and cheerfully voracious
<> about sex.
<> < The mere mention of sex in this context
<> < is a putrid, perverted thought, but since you couldn't refute the POINT,
<> < what else should we expect from a brain missing 3 1/2 billion brain
<> <cells?
<> <
<> A "putrid, perverted thought"?  Goodness, John.  And here I thought *I*
<> was raised too Southern Baptist.
<> Fortunately, I got over it.
<> -- cary
<Think "Janet Reno" or "Patricia Ireland", and it's even worse than putrid,
<don't you think?  Man-hating feminazi sluts and whores are even uglier and
<more amoral than them.
Mmmm...Gloria Steinem.  She was a real hottie.  Still is, for that matter.
John, you simply must start hanging out with a better class of feminazis.
Every one of my female friends, I think, would describe themselves as
feminists, and every one of them loves men.  Rathera lot, in some cases.

Must just be you, eh?

By the way, John, was it you who truncanted the word "fuck" in my:

    Eh?  "All she needs is a good fuck." is a line uttered not 
    infrequently by men.
Just as you couldn't bring yourself to use the word "pussy" when
Jen did?  Are you truly that prissy?  That could explain a lot, you 

Or perhaps your provider has Had Words with you?

-- cary

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