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Mon Jul 22 19:30:50 EST 2002

The *very aspect* of human evolution, brain function, and behaviour that I
know and have simply (though with injections of sEPTic humour and
self-seductive sem_antics) defined and explained to be "most missing" in
conventional academic anthropobiological analyses is also "most missing" in
your AoK.

It is symptomatic of this your 'inEPTness' (a remark with a restrained
reference to that I have come to name my explanation "EPT") that you rely on
*religious irrationality* within your brand of "being (and having become)

NB! I have not claimed that your AoK approach is *otherwise* wrong or
without merits.

Examples of this your 'inEPTness', abound below:

"Kenneth Collins" <k.p.collins at> wrote in message
news:dmJZ8.37674$Iu6.2149323 at
> >>> and, yes, when i read of Jesus saying, [paraphrase] "If this or that
> >your
> >>> problem, get rid of it.", i see Him saying it with a 'twinkle' in His
> >eye,
> >>>
> >>
> >>or twinkie maybe
> >>
> >>> because He was, simultaneously, addressing nervous system function,
> >>> Infinitely-more. i'm Convinced Jesus Knew how our nervous systems
> process
> >>> information.
> >>
> >>well if one is to believe that we are his creation then one might hope
> >>he knew what he was doing.  you would do well as a minister or priest
> >>or something where suspect interpretation and extreme metaphorical
> >>license are mainstays of reading what seems to me as relatively plain
> >>english
> >>
> >>> here, He was directly addressing TD E/I-minimization,
> >>
> >>oh right, probably without using any of those exact words eh?  clever
> >>that.
> >
> >i'd say "i stand on what i've posted", but you'd "buzz" me, so,
> >for the last 'time'(?), i'll reiterate, a bit.
> >in this actuality, there's the necessity to explore the larger stuff.
> which,
> >with respect to the Word of Christ, is what i do.
> >
> >"fundamentalist' interpretations get-into-trouble because they 'stop at
> >interface'.
> >
> >often, with Tragic results with respect to which most folks are familiar.
> >
> >>> and i saw Jesus' Love for Humanity. think about it. there was, then,
> >way
> >>> anyone could understand the physical-reality correlates, yet Jesus
> >it
> >>> all out.

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