brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >> >>The ToE is absolutely silent on the question of a deity, as is all
> >> >>of science.  Whether a person believes that God guides evolution or
> >> >>not,
> > they
> >> >>accept the theory of evolution.  Many (evolutionary) scientists
> >> >>believe
> > in
> >> >>God.
> >> >
> >> >"All of science" cannot be silent on the question of a diety if many
> >> >scientists belive in God.
> >>
> >> There is a distinction between science and scientists, a very large
> >> distinction.
> >>
> >> Science is silent on the question of a deity, because the whole
> >> question of a deity is an untestable hypothesis.  In any case, a
> >> deity cannot be explained and is not subject to normal restrictions.
> >> Science is about discovering how things happen.  It may be used to
> >> predict future events, based on knowledge of how things happen
> >> (though it appears that the universe is not actually deterministic).
> >> It may be used to  discover what probably happened in the past.  What
> >> it can't do is explain *why* things happen, other than in terms of a
> >> sequence of events (Z happens because Y and X happened).
> >> Why things happen isn't a scientific matter.
> >>
> >> A scientist is a person who uses the principles of science to
> >> determine *how* things happen.  That same person may use
> >> religion to satisfy themselves as to *why* things happen.
> >>
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> > The problem with that position, Angilion, which Jd just touched on, is
> > that Christianity IS a science in itself.  The Holy Bible didn't sell
> > by the billions because it's a fairy tale--it's the purest science on
> No, it sold because piles and piles of Christians went out and told their
> neighbours: "You will now believe in Jesus Christ or we will put you and
> your families to the sword."

I used to believe those jewish fairy tales too, until it was pointed out
that in 4 centuries of the Spanish Inqisition, fewer jews were prosecuted
than Americans are prosecuted in ONE day in this country, mostly by jewish
prosecutors and judges.

Or that if we'd had a murder rate equivalent to Spain, who kicked out the
jews and now has a very stable and moral Christian society, that just during
the 20th Century alone, 800,000 fewer Americans would have been murdered.

And I can't even recall when was the last time I stabbed a pagan.

John Knight

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