brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Richard C. August raugust at
Tue Jul 23 06:25:09 EST 2002

Dear Parse Tree,

US GDP has absolutely NOTHING, NADA, ZIP, ZERO to do with the FACT that we
have 400 times as many lawyers as the Japanese.  In the trade wars vs. the
Japanese, guess who's winning and has been winning since the late 1970s?
Let me give you a CLUE -- lawsuit happy people feed lawyers HUGE sums of
money for PETTY little trivialities like being burned by a hot cup of coffee
coming out of a Mickey D's, and winning $8,000,000 as a result.  Does THAT
happen in Japan??   No.........

I also am not under the delusion that I have a right to a relationship with
a woman.  The only relationship to a woman that I have a right to have is
the OBLIGATORY relationship I have to my MOTHER.  Otherwise, I DO NOT WANT A
RELATIONSHIP WITH A WOMAN.  I don't want one!  I don't care whether I have
BECAUSE I DO NOT WANT A WOMAN!!!  I don't care to even have a right to a
relationship with a woman because I don't want a relationship with a woman
in the first place.

Here's why I don't want a relationship with a woman.  VAWA 1 declares that
if she and I have a dispute, and I turn around and walk away and say nothing
to her at all, and I don't even touch her at all, because I have said
nothing to her at all, I have given her the "silent treatment" and therefore
committed an act of violence against her.  I didn't hit her or touch her.  I
didn't even call her a name.  I said nothing to her, and still, that's an
act of violence.  I would still commit an act of violence against her if I
DID touch her, but she felt the touch was inappropriate.  I may have
caressed her head lovingly.  I may have stroked her cheek.  I may have
hugged her.  If she doesn't like it, it's SEXUAL HARRASSMENT, an act of
violence against her.  For a hug, or for saying nothing to her and doing
nothing to her at all, I go to jail either way.

If a woman I might love is misusing money, and I assist her with a budget
plan to help her save money or a savings account to help her keep more of
the money she earns, and she doesn't like the way I do it despite good
results, that's controlling her finances, and that's also an ACT OF VIOLENCE
against her.

And for every woman I meet, whether I like her or not, she is still in some
kind of a committed relationship with another man.  Given these social and
legal conditions, is she worth fighting over with another man?  Let him keep
her.  I'll take the Monastery, thank you.  My relationship with God in Jesus
Christ is VASTLY more important to me than a sexual relationship with some

Meanwhile, I pray that what happened to me by my ex-wife during my former
marriage would happen to you so you would learn well the lesson John Knight
and I have gently tried to teach you.  Because of Battered Women's Shelters
and VAWA, growing numbers of heterosexual men now want NOTHING more to do
with women at all.  They'd rather vomit than make love.  I guess celibacy
isn't such a bad thing after all, is it?  It keeps me and thousands of other
sadder but wiser men out of jail for merely making love.


Richard C. August
Free, MALE, Celibate and loving it!!
"Parse Tree" <parsetree at> wrote in message
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> > This is also EXACTLY why the USA has 400 times
> > more attorneys than does Japan, and yet Japan has a higher standard of
> > living and a higher population per square kilometer than we do.
> The US has a higher GDP per capita, and if you're going by the UN scale
> Japan is not really very high.
> > Regarding that woman who posted her personal ad on, the
> of
> > that matter is, she was MARRIED when the photo was taken, and an astute
> man
> > can only consider her to be MARRIED NOW.  "Married but looking" is the
> > here, and it is called ADULTERY!!!
> Good for her.
> > Frankly, I no longer care to consider a girlfriend.  Why should I
> > Why should I and millions of other men waste our time, talents,
> > and body fluids on the dumbest cows in the universe, American women?
> > should we bother WANTING women at all, when women obviously don't want
> > A Monastery is the place to be, brother, where a celibate Christian man
> can
> > really work on a relationship that counts, a relationship with Almighty
> God.
> > A Monastery is also NOT a prison, which is invariably where many men end
> up
> > after they have relations with women, anyway.  Why not eliminate that
> cause
> > of imprisonment?  Why not eliminate relations with women?
> You should eliminate relations.  You seem to be under the misconception
> you have the right to a girlfriend/wife.
> > Last of all, who cares whether or not Usenet is a plain-text forum?  Use
> > Microsoft Outlook Express instead.  It handles HTML in Mail and
> > rather nicely.
> There is a tendency to include files when using HTML, and that prevents
> people from reading it, since many providers filter out binaries in
> non-binary groups.

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