Super Brain Theory

Arthur T. Murray uj797 at
Tue Jul 23 10:57:55 EST 2002

"Michael N. Christoff" <mchristoff at> wrote on 23 Jul 2002:
> Check out ALICE:
> No offence, but your AI mind pales in comparison.
ALICE does not claim at all to be a Mind; I definitely
claim that the Mentifex AI is a Mind, and it is in the
official Usenet AI FAQ as such (just FYI).

> I tried having long conversations with your robot
> but it never said *anything* remotely intelligent.
ATM: -- the AI
for Internet Explorer -- has been making great progress.
It now has a true but primitive Parser module.
The Rejuvenate module now works flawlessly.
New Chomskyan syntax structures are being coded
with a view towards demonstrating an ability to reason.

> I tried to teach it that I was Mike and it was Landru.
> It kept on saying "I am you", "You are you", We are me",
> "You is me", etc... Its just putting together
> combinations of the words I said.  Sorry.
Please keep checking back in periodically on the AI above and on -- in Win32Forth.

The AI is not _randomly_ "putting together combinations
of the words," but rather it conceptualizes each word
and builds up a knowledge base of associations among concepts.
Have patience, please. 
> l8r, Mike N. Christoff
Follow-ups rearranged to include news:comp.robotics.misc as
the newsgroup to which users are directed in the AI Mind User Manual.

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