brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> Parse Tree wrote:
> >T. R. Ellis wrote:
> >>
> >> Hell, you don't even believe that science is a part of human culture,
> >> your "HS" taught you that fingers don't have muscles (it's THEIR
> >> fault, not yours) and that the world has only three races of human
> >> beings.
> >
> >Science is a part of human culture,
> Perhaps you'll let the little racist princess "Jet" know this.  She
> denied that science is a part of human culture.  She tries to lie her
> way out of it now by making a nebulous claim about "context" (and, of
> course, never backing up her claim with any sort of evidence).
> But then, she also thinks that Usenet subject lines are, inherently,
> "facts".
> >that is why any test of Science ability is culturally biased.
> Tell it to the Chinese and Japanese.
> >The scientific method is rather eurocentric, as is
> >much of science itself.
> That's a rather eurocentric attitude, wouldn't you say?  Other
> cultures (Chinese, Egyptian, Mayan, etc). surely used variations of
> scientific method, but perhaps not as refined as it is today.
> I must remind you.  You failed to characterise scientific method as
> "patriarchal", didn't you?  After all, it doesn't allow a lot of
> leeway for the feminist-ways-of-knowing.
> T. R. Ellis

Well said, T. R.,

If the "scientific method is rather eurocentric" as parsetree claims, then
Koreans and Japanese and Taiwanese and Singaporeans must be "euros", because
they scored light years ahead of us in the "eurocentric" test called TIMSS.
Even at the 8th grade level, Japanese 8th graders scored 105 points higher
than us, and Korean 8th graders scored 107 points higher, and 8th graders in
Singapore scored 143 points higher.

Will these oh so compassionate feminazis just change this to
"euroasiacentric".  The Koreans get off the boat and instantly go to work
building careers and businesses, while the niggers are still in the back of
the bus with boom boxes stuck to their ears where they don't have to deal
with this confusing technological society.  The only reason Sub-saharan
African niggers, and their descendants in the US, have IQs lower than 60 is
because their brains are so small, which is something feminazis can do
nothing about.

John Knight

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