brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >> >You don't understand Christianity, Angilion.  One of the reasons may
> >> >be
> > that
> >> >you listen to the reams and volumes of jewish diatribes about what
> >> >Christianity is, without consulting with the Holy Bible first.
> >>
> >> Try this:  "You don't understand Feminism, <name here>.  One of the
> >> reasons may be that you listen to the reams and volumes of
> >> patriarchal diatribes about what Feminism is, without consulting with
> >> feminists first."
> >>
> >> I'm sure you seen stuff like that many times.  Does it please you
> >> to know that you are just like the worst of feminists?
> >>
> >
> > You don't know how much.
> >
> >> >The two
> >> >"religions" are exact opposites.  The Talmud goes to great lengths
> >> >to try
> > to
> >> >discredit the Holy Bible, Christianity, and Jesus Christ, and that
> > program
> >> >has been a moderate success, but that's no reason to abandon all
> >> >reason.
> >>
> >> Since Christianity is a spin-off from Judaism and the bible for each
> >> religion has a lot of the same books, I'm sure you are talking crap.
> >> Judaism+Christ = Christianity.  Judaism+Christ+Mohammed = Islam.
> >>
> >
> > Fortunately, this is a LIE, and you most likely promulgate this LIE
> > because you don't know that the Holy Bible and the Talmud are
> > anti-poles of each other, just as Christians and jews are (which is
> > why jews have been kicked out of 86 nations already, are being kicked
> > out of Russia as we speak, and are soon to be kicked out of the US).
> The reality, however, is that the Jews left the USSR voluntarily, and
> funnily enough, that country promptly collapsed.  Bwahahahaha!

This is another jewish myth which is exactly the reverse of reality.

Russia was obviously a very wealthy country BEFORE "American" jew Jacob
Schiff decided to fund jew Trotsky and jew Lenin in the execution of the
Czar, the overthrow of the Russian government, and the MURDER of 25-50
million White Christian Russians.

For that, the Christian Joseph Stalin tried, convicted, and executed many of
the jews [read: "Bolshevists"] who did that, as well has had Trotsky tracked
down in Mexico to have an ice pick planted firmly in his head, right where
it belonged.

Russia is just now coming out from under this reign of terror by jews, and
you're *partly* correct, which is that jews are leaving somewhat
"voluntarily", only because Russia isn't being nearly as forceful about
ousting the jews as they should be.  I know jews in Russia who don't want to
go to Israel, even though they've been promised the equivalent of 30 years
worth of income just for settling in the Palestinians' land (at OUR
expense)--but they know that Russia isn't going to put up with them any

They will all be gone, very soon.  And Russia can get back to being a
Christian nation as they were BEFORE the "Bolshevik [read: jewish]"

John Knight

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