brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>> The reality, however, is that the Jews left the USSR voluntarily, and
>> funnily enough, that country promptly collapsed.  Bwahahahaha!
>This is another jewish myth which is exactly the reverse of reality.
>Russia was obviously a very wealthy country BEFORE "American" jew Jacob
>Schiff decided to fund jew Trotsky and jew Lenin in the execution of the
>Czar, the overthrow of the Russian government, and the MURDER of 25-50
>million White Christian Russians.
>For that, the Christian Joseph Stalin tried, convicted, and executed many of
>the jews [read: "Bolshevists"] who did that, as well has had Trotsky tracked
>down in Mexico to have an ice pick planted firmly in his head, right where
>it belonged.

Stalin was a bigger tyrant than Hitler, and he had more people killed.
The 25-50M people you refer to were mostly killed due to Stalin's

Old Russia wasn't particularly wealthy.  A tiny minority of people were
spectacularly wealthy while the vast majority barely survived.



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