brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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<>> The reality, however, is that the Jews left the USSR voluntarily, and
<>> funnily enough, that country promptly collapsed.  Bwahahahaha!
<>This is another jewish myth which is exactly the reverse of reality.
<>Russia was obviously a very wealthy country BEFORE "American" jew Jacob
<>Schiff decided to fund jew Trotsky and jew Lenin in the execution of the
<>Czar, the overthrow of the Russian government, and the MURDER of 25-50
<>million White Christian Russians.
<>For that, the Christian Joseph Stalin tried, convicted, and executed many of
<>the jews [read: "Bolshevists"] who did that, as well has had Trotsky tracked
<>down in Mexico to have an ice pick planted firmly in his head, right where
<>it belonged.
<Stalin was a bigger tyrant than Hitler, and he had more people killed.
<The 25-50M people you refer to were mostly killed due to Stalin's

Yep, via the artificial famine.

<Old Russia wasn't particularly wealthy.  A tiny minority of people were
<spectacularly wealthy while the vast majority barely survived.

And new Russia seems to be heading in the same direction, though
not nearly to the extremes that could be found under the Czars.

-- cary

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