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> Dear ShadowDancer,
> Here's why I don't NEED to spend wasted hours and wasted money before a
> psychotherapist concerning my feelings, and the fact that I no longer want
> relationship with a woman.
> contains a summary of all the
> laws, regulations, and directives concerning what the US Federal
> considers and teaches is violence against women.  Basically, it says that
> I say or do something to a woman, and it makes her feel insecure,
> or frightened, she has the right to sue me or have me imprisoned.
> If I say something to a woman, and she feels violated, I'm at fault
> I meant it in love or not.
> If I say NOTHING to a woman, and she feels violated, I'm at fault no
> what I meant by that.
> If I do something to a woman, and she is frightened, I'm at fault no
> how I meant to do that act.
> If I do NOTHING to a woman, and she is frightened, I'm at fault no matter
> how I meant to do NOTHING to her.
> If I tell a woman I love her, and she feels insecure about that, she can
> me for sexual threats or harrassment, no matter how I meant to tell her I
> love her.
> If I don't tell a woman I love her, and she feels as if I don't love her
> all, she can still sue me for abuse because I gave no expression of love.
> If I date a woman, according to feminist tripe, I am exercising license to
> rape her.
> If I don't date a woman, women think I hate them.
> Never mind that the individual woman by her looks, actions, and words,
> have driven her friend or partner to commit "violence" against her to
> protect her from herself or outside forces.  She is "never" the cause of
> violence, according to the cited .pdf file.  Never mind that she could
> STARTED a vase-throwing fisticuff knock down drag out fight.  She is
> the cause of the domestic violence or partner abuse.  She is "always" the
> victim.  Here it is, Federally defined.  Read it and weep.

As I said, take your personal problems to a shrink.  Why is it the looneys
always go to the Internet?  Likely because they know what the shrink will
say and they won't like it. :P

Sounds like you had a very difficult relationship, though I make no
presumptions about who started what - because if you think a simple slap to
the cheek is allowed, because you "own" your wife, let me educate you.  THAT

And even if this did not occur you and she both belonged in joint therapy -
and even if she wouldn't go, YOU belong in therapy, man.

> Does it take 3.5 million more or less brain cells per individual to
> determine that with all of these anti-violence laws enforced, men end up
> being ambivalent toward women and women end up dateless?
> Does it take 3.5 million more or less brain cells to figure out that
> of all these violence against women laws, that men are so confused and
> about what defines violence that they don't want to be bothered dating
> women?
> Does it take 3.5 million more or less brain cells to really figure that
> men don't want to abuse women but nurture and care for them instead, but
> confused about how to do it because very often the nurturing and caring
> them constitutes ABUSE as defined in Federal law?
> Does it take 3.5 million more or less brain cells to get a clue that
> American heterosexual men are tired of listening to feminist rants and
> and whines?

No, but it takes 10% or more usage of one's brain cells to see how bitter
and hateful you are, and how many unresolved issues you have.  Take them to
a shrink already.  Plenty of other men have no problems having a healthy
relationship with the woman of their choice.

> Let's see what "100 years of progress between genders" has done:
> 96% of American prison population is male.  US prisons account for 2/3 of
> the total world's incarcerated population, with US courts having the most
> attorneys in physical number and per capita percentage worldwide.

Well D'OH did it ever dawn on you that mostly male lawyers and mostly male
judges convicted all those American males?  Did it ever occur to you that
they may have had abundant evidence to do so?  D'OH!  Oh but NO, the laws
that mostly men passed to deal with such crimes are somehow invalid when
they're applied to men?  GOSH.

> US Women were the heiresses of 70% of the world's total wealth in the
> when most families were male headed and the man was the sole breadwinner.
> Now, US Women are among the poorest in developed nations, with a net debt
> $40,000 per person.  That's -$40,000 to those who don't know what debt is.

I am doing just fine, thank you - and I'm certain a lot of other women
reading this could say the same.

The age is long gone where we were taught to depend on a man for our
livelihood - after all, that's how decent women like my mother ended up
beaten almost to death, then abandoned by a so-called "man" (more like
coward and drunkard).

You're not doing anyone of any gender a favor by trying to tell the female
gender that they are better off depending on another gender.  How would YOU
feel if we said the same thing to you, that you should stop whining like a
baby and find a "mama" to take care of you?

> Although violent acts against  women overall decreased from 1993-1998, the
> rate of domestic partnership with women involved also decreased at least
> fivefold.  The rate of divorces increased slightly, and the rate of
> marriages and divorces also increased.  The crime rate for daylight crimes
> between both genders INCREASED, while nighttime crimes between domestic
> partners leveled off or increased only negligibly.  Women lost their
> protection when they lost their partners.  Big Brother Government stepped
> in, and committed a worse act of violence by stripping women from their

If anyone "stripped women from their families", it was men of your ilk, who
fail to realize that women are not dumb animals or children - and even if
they were, they do NOT deserve to get beaten, mistreated, neglected, or
abandoned, because they're not a man.

My mother brought me up to be self-sufficient.  Other mothers did the same
with their girls.  We, as a generation, learned to be self-sufficient and
NOT to put up with hatred, violence, and bullshit from anyone, whether men
OR women.

THAT is why women are more selective now, and less likely to "settle".  This
society no longer looks upon the single woman as an Old Maid or a pariah for
choosing a single life.  That is how it should be, since women are human
beings too, and more than capable of intelligent reasoning.

> Punishment also doesn't fit the crime committed.  For every crime
> when the crime was exactly the same in type and nature, men received at
> least double the sentence than women, with at least three times the
> incarceration rate, time, and duration.  Karla Faye Tucker was only a
> death sentence by then Texas Governor Dubya, for many women can claim
> defence" when they murder someone, and thus get away with it.

GEE!  MIGHT that have something to do with the "physical superiority" your
kind is always harping on?  GOSH!

Men are expected to know better.  So much for their knowing better, eh?
Yes, punishment fits the crime committed because, on the average, most men
can overpower a woman, but the opposite isn't always true.  Note:  I said
"on the average".

> US Men and Women are now subjected to an educational system with bloated
> budgets, inflationary tactics, and run down schools.  What used to be the
> envy of the world now only produces bimbos who can't score above the rest
> the world in TIMSS, ACT, or SAT scores.  US Women are at the BOTTOM of
> list and would have scored better had they just "guessed" at the answers.

That has nothing whatsoever to do with women as a gender in the human race.
That has everything to do with skewed societical values, where a
professional basketball player is paid 10 times more than an educator.

> US Women are no longer prized for their intellect and beauty.  US Women
> considered trash by the rest of the world, and rightly so.

Who did you interview for this one?  Brian in Norway, who is likely not old
enough to hold a voter's opinion - and who is not even in the U.S.A. to
begin with?  Your friend John Knight who can't even answer the questions he
keeps throwing out here till we're so bored with them we killfile him?

Show us some legitimate URLs demonstrating that "the rest of the world"
thinks U.S. women alone are trash.  Last I heard, *much* of the rest of the
world considered U.S. HUMANS to be trash - regardless of gender.

> US Men and Women are now eating 150 lbs of sugar per year per person, and
> are growing more obese and diabetic with less nutrition and more disease,
> opposed to 100 years ago, when only 5 lbs of sugar per person per year was
> consumed.

Who cares?  What does this have to do with the subject at hand?

> US Men and Women are now medicated with Lithium, Respiridol, and Ritalin,
> and Valium/Valerian Root at a much higher rate than before.  Ostensibly
> is to calm violence and mood swings.  Actually, this causes more health
> mental problems than it solves, including coordination, athletic,
> concentration, and creativity challenges.

Again, what does this have to do with the subject at hand?  TAKE IT TO

> Does it take 3.5 million more brain cells to figure why men like me don't
> want to date or have a non-mandatory relationship with a woman any more?

No, it takes 10% or more usage to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you
have serious psychological issues best addressed by a professional.

Most men don't have the problem you and your ilk have and you know why not?
Because they exhibit the same basic kindness and consideration to women as
members of the human race, as they do to fellow men.

Again, take it to a professional or go to your monastery and shut up
already.  Either way, your incessant whining does not belong in this

The Shadow Dancer

> Sincerely,
> Richard C. August
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> > > Dear Parse Tree,
> > >
> > > US GDP has absolutely NOTHING, NADA, ZIP, ZERO to do with the FACT
> we
> > > have 400 times as many lawyers as the Japanese.  In the trade wars vs.
> he
> > > Japanese, guess who's winning and has been winning since the late
> > > Let me give you a CLUE -- lawsuit happy people feed lawyers HUGE sums
> > > money for PETTY little trivialities like being burned by a hot cup of
> > coffee
> > > coming out of a Mickey D's, and winning $8,000,000 as a result.  Does
> > > happen in Japan??   No.........
> > >
> > > I also am not under the delusion that I have a right to a relationship
> > with
> > > a woman.  The only relationship to a woman that I have a right to have
> is
> > > the OBLIGATORY relationship I have to my MOTHER.  Otherwise, I DO NOT
> > A
> > > RELATIONSHIP WITH A WOMAN.  I don't want one!  I don't care whether I
> have
> > > BECAUSE I DO NOT WANT A WOMAN!!!  I don't care to even have a right to
> > > relationship with a woman because I don't want a relationship with a
> woman
> > > in the first place.
> > >
> > > Here's why I don't want a relationship with a woman.  VAWA 1 declares
> that
> > > if she and I have a dispute, and I turn around and walk away and say
> > nothing
> > > to her at all, and I don't even touch her at all, because I have said
> > > nothing to her at all, I have given her the "silent treatment" and
> > therefore
> > > committed an act of violence against her.  I didn't hit her or touch
> her.
> > I
> > > didn't even call her a name.  I said nothing to her, and still, that's
> an
> > > act of violence.  I would still commit an act of violence against her
> I
> > > DID touch her, but she felt the touch was inappropriate.  I may have
> > > caressed her head lovingly.  I may have stroked her cheek.  I may have
> > > hugged her.  If she doesn't like it, it's SEXUAL HARRASSMENT, an act
> > > violence against her.  For a hug, or for saying nothing to her and
> > > nothing to her at all, I go to jail either way.
> > >
> > > If a woman I might love is misusing money, and I assist her with a
> budget
> > > plan to help her save money or a savings account to help her keep more
> of
> > > the money she earns, and she doesn't like the way I do it despite good
> > > results, that's controlling her finances, and that's also an ACT OF
> > > against her.
> > >
> > > And for every woman I meet, whether I like her or not, she is still in
> > some
> > > kind of a committed relationship with another man.  Given these social
> and
> > > legal conditions, is she worth fighting over with another man?  Let
> > keep
> > > her.  I'll take the Monastery, thank you.  My relationship with God in
> > Jesus
> > > Christ is VASTLY more important to me than a sexual relationship with
> some
> > > woman.
> > >
> > > Meanwhile, I pray that what happened to me by my ex-wife during my
> former
> > > marriage would happen to you so you would learn well the lesson John
> > Knight
> > > and I have gently tried to teach you.  Because of Battered Women's
> > Shelters
> > > and VAWA, growing numbers of heterosexual men now want NOTHING more to
> do
> > > with women at all.  They'd rather vomit than make love.  I guess
> celibacy
> > > isn't such a bad thing after all, is it?  It keeps me and thousands of
> > other
> > > sadder but wiser men out of jail for merely making love.
> > >
> > > Sincerely,
> > >
> > > Richard C. August
> > > Free, MALE, Celibate and loving it!!
> >
> > Wahh wahh wahh don't see me complaining about the bad
> > experiences I've had with certain men.
> >
> > Why don't you do us all a favor and spend some time and money on
> > psychotherapy to resolve your obvious problems?
> >
> > This has nothing whatsoever to do with the original subject.  If you
> insist
> > on whining about your problems, try some of the self-help psychology
> groups.
> >
> > The Shadow Dancer
> >
> >

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