brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Wed Jul 24 13:16:56 EST 2002

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<> John Knight wrote:
<> >T. R. Ellis wrote:
<> >> Parse Tree wrote:
<> >> >T. R. Ellis wrote:
<> >>
<> >
<> >Well said, T. R.,
<> >
<> [snip]
<> Yeah?  Well, the racist sheepshit you just heaved up isn't worth the
<> screen space.
<> .
<> Back of the bus with you, boy.
<Aw, look what happens when you try to be nice to niggers and whiggers.
<Which are you, T. R.?  You a nigger, or a whigger?  Or did your Dad forget
<to tell you, like LeChevalier's Dad forgot to tell him?  Too many niggers in
<the woodpile, is that the problem?

Alas, poor John.  Every time he thinks somebody is going to come over
to his treehouse (NO GRLZ) and play, they push his face in the mud
again.  J.R. turns out to have no use for "racist sheepshit".  Thalamus
looked promising, but started saying things like only those with a
"Nigger-mind" could accept any kind of religion and that:

    Europe used to be peaceful, until this thing called 'religion' 
    came into the picture; with the dead Jew on a stick.
so he's not going to play nice either.  The last palatable supporter
that John had was "Pontiff Maximus", but he tended to leave knuckle
gouges in his wake.

There's a moral in here somewhere.

-- cary

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