brain sizes: Einstein's and women's: pop quiz

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Wed Jul 24 16:07:58 EST 2002

John Knight wrote:
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> Do you know what the odd are against a dolt having three normal children?
> Pretty high.  In fact, so high that I don't believe it.

I would suspect this is correct and that you have personal knowledge of

> How can you claim that your whites are whites when your "racial/gender"
> category consistently scores lower than if they'd just GUESSED, and when you
> can't provide even one possible explanation for why?

How do you know all of my children are my race?
> This is like an airline pilot claiming that he's a great pilot, when he
> can't even provide an explanation for why he can't get the door shut.

Like you can't explain anything. Your idiocy is explains enough about
you tho.

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