brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Wed Jul 24 16:45:11 EST 2002

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> T9W,
> Mr. August was one of the first to *condemn* affirmative action,

In the forums or in the real world?

>and it was
> almost exclusively because of the willingness of people like him to speak
> out against it on forums just like this, and NOT because of any great
> by our lackluster "politicians" and "bureaucrats", that aa was proven to
> illegal, unconstitutional, and amoral.  This led to the passage of
> Proposition 209 in a landslide victory, which literally changed that
> national attitude.
> You'd be amazed at how fast things change once the TRUTH is documented,

I don't have a problem with changing things because of the truth. I am also
one who doesn't believe in affirmative action, but does believe that I have
a right to complain when you hire a man who is not as qualified as I.

But none of this has anything to do with whether we give a flying FUCK that
he has chosen not to associate with women on an intimate level.


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