brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Wed Jul 24 21:18:47 EST 2002

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> I believe that intelligence and creativity, inventivity (?) does not
> on the SIZE but the FUNCTION of the brain....
> And on how you maintain the "hardware" (brain) biochemically, and how you
> use the "software" (intellectual knowledge) in a kognitive way.  Includes
> being broadminded and open to new ideas and new paths.
> Einstein was a creative genius, but he had a little brain when compared to
> many rather average individuals that lived at the same time.
> Elisabeth

Einstein made up for having a little brain by being a BIG LIAR, and
plagiarist.  Everything this idiot who flunked algebra and never even had a
lab of his own ever wrote had been published by the White guys in Europe
with the big brains 10-20 years earlier.

Do you know why Einstein's brain was so little?  He was a jew, and jewish
men have brains about the size of White women.

John Knight

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