TD E/I-minimization [WDB2T casting-out of Reality]

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Thu Jul 25 02:32:46 EST 2002

Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>and where things really get mucked-up is when folks 'endeavor' to
>'manipulate' Truth [as, for instance, has been the case with 'stock
>options', and other forms of 'funny'-numbers 'accounting]. such tends to
>diverge, uncontrollably, with respect to WDB2T, =always= precipitating
>catastrophe [in the Maths sense; Rene Thom]. and, when such happens,
>'Misery' all over the place.

this's the stuff that i was addressing, in another thread the other night,
with respect to how 'moving away from' Truth 'casts folks out of Reality'.

'moving away from' Truth, unavoidably, places energy-consumption demands
upon folks who do so.

do it a lot, and one's information-processing capacity is consumed in just
maintaining one's self at the commensurate 'distance' from Truth.

'you' know - so many Lies in-there, consuming information-processing energy
in their maintenance [remembering what Lie was told to who, about whom or
what, remembering what was Stolen, what 'Deal' was made, whose Future was
undermined, what Hurtful 'Leverage' was applied, etc., etc., etc., that one
can no longer actually do anything in one's own 'free will'.

Free Will is Discarded to the degree that one 'moves away from' Truth.

when such happens routinely, one finds one's self 'cast out of Reality'.

it's a Thermodynamic, around which there is no way.

on the other hand, 'move toward' Truth, and all the [Excellent] Inverses

it's a Thermodynamic, around which there is no way.

'course, then, all the folks who routinely 'move away from' Truth, will
'move away from' 'you', and "you'll" be alone, impoverished, and die

but, like the Skinhorse, in _The Velveteen Rabit_, "you'll" be Real.

and that's the "narrow gate's" ~"Priceless Pearl".

so "you're" not "impoverished".

'you' just can't spend it.

except in 'moving away from' Truth.

anyway, 'moving away from' Truth =literally= 'casts one out of reality', as

it's a Thermodynamic, around which there is no way.

k. p. collins


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