TD E/I-minimization [why ken collins acknowledges Jesus' Priority]

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i didn't adequately respond to some of "mat's" 'stuff.

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>> Mat.7: 14-15:"Enter through the narrow gate: for the gate is wide and the
>> road broad that leads to destruction, and those who enter through it are
>> many. How narrow the gate, and constricted the road that leads to life.
>> those who find it are few."
>> there, in a 'nutshell', exists a =Perfect= metaphorical statement of
>> important with respect to TD E/I-minimization.
>metaphorical hmmm.  you might also consider that it has nothing to do
>with your ideas and that is your very abstracted interpretation that
>leads you to conclude that he is talking about TD E/I or whatever.
>but no, of course he's directy addressing you and your ideas.

Nope. on the one hand, Jesus was addressing the physical reality of how
nervous systems process-information. {and, on the other hand,

i just worked to understand nervous system function ~2000 years later, and
the correlations to what Jesus Taught are so Obvious, i couldn't miss 'em.
>> it's just not practical to write a Neuroanatomy text in little snippets
>> an online discussion 'place'.
>didn't think so, it always seems that to actually explain you couldn't
>write it here, instead we get a load of rubbish on 'people must be
>good' 'companies must benefit society' 'we must honour truth' and
>other such happy-clappy flower-power ideas that you actually think you

i must be doing something right if, "'people must be good'". i've never said
that, you found it in-there on your own. you've been delving beneath the
'language'-interface stuff :-)

"'companies must benefit society'" - i didn't say such. i've just discussed
the Consequences inherent. understanding the Consequences, inherent,
folks're Free to Choose their own ways, but the Consequences are there, or
not, depending on the Choice inherent.

"'we must honour truth'" - never said this, either, but what's inherent is
as above.

everything i've discussed derives in the experimentally-verified facts of
nervous system function.

"happy-clappy flower-power" = 'just' an application of 'leverage', deriving
within the 'status quo'.

gone with the TD E/I-minimization.

there's no 'magic' in NDT, 'mat'.

just stuff that's usefully-dependable.

all i'm doing is working to make it possible for the Children to have a
Chance to Choose with respect to it.

but adults're 'choosing' not to let them Choose.

the Childrens' Choice is being Aborted, apriori, by the adults' choice.

at an extraordinarily-high WDB2T-Cost.

future Wars, etc.

[i mean no 'offense'. i mean just-the-opposite stuff.]

ken [k. p. collins]

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