brain sizes: Einstein's and women's: pop quiz

Jen Larson straycat at
Thu Jul 25 05:12:36 EST 2002

John Knight wrote:
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> > How do you know all of my children are my race?

> So when a feminazi says "whiter whites", what she means is half White little
> niglets running all over the place?

Oh I thought you meant my laundry secret. hm. Little niglets? Is niglet
a race? What if one is half asian, one is half black and one is half
american indian? what then?  What if they are all white, what then? What
if only one of them is half another race and the other are all
caucasian? What about Spanish? Those guys are hot! 

> > > This is like an airline pilot claiming that he's a great pilot, when he
> > > can't even provide an explanation for why he can't get the door shut.

> > Like you can't explain anything. Your idiocy is explains enough about
> > you tho.
> Amazing.  You managed to pack one incomplete sentence, one misspelling, one
> extra and unnecessary word, and 3 LIES all in one single line!
> Congratulations.

Are we getting graded here John Knight? One extra and unnecessary word?
there's two unnecessary words right there! Pathetic!

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