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>> The picture that is mentioned above(see the site) shows Stalin
>> wearing his normal work clothes.  No one has ever suggested that this
>> was pajamas that he was wearing, at no one other than the idiot who
>> posted the page, above. The idiocy of the interpretation above is
>> beyond belief, especially when 
> he
>> talks about "assasinating" Trotski and "condemning" Lenin.
>> This page leads me to believe that the author is an unabashed member
>> of 
> the
>> Old Idiot Party of America.  Witness the quote, below:
>> <quote>
>> *fundamental* religious freedoms.   Both Cuba and Russia have spoken
>> Christian prayers in their public schools (thanks to Stalin, a
>> Christian, who had Trotsky, the jew who killed millions of Russians,
>> rightfully and deservedly executed in Mexico).
>> </quote>
>> It is true that Russian schools *may* have spoken prayers in them
>> *now*, but that's certainly not true because *Stalin* was the cause
>> of it.  Since the rise of Communism in Russia, schools did not have
>> any prayers spoken 
> in
>> them, Christian or otherwise.  I realize that the author of this page
> finds
>> it easy to so hate an entire biogroup, but he should at least
>> *attempt* to get his facts even a little straight.
> To answer Angilion's question, yes, a year and a half of living in
> Russia, becoming some of the first property owners there, and

So much for Communism, eh?  When was this, BTW?

> travelling all over the country was a real eye opener.  In that entire
> time, not one single Russian was even aware of even ONE Russian who
> had been exiled, executed, or otherwise mistreated by Stalin.  The

You idiot.  They wouldn't have talked to *you* about it.

> natural reaction of Americans who first hear this is to believe that
> the Russians are being censored, or just didn't have the facts, or
> were propagandized or brain washed, but today we are being censored
> and brain washed far more than Russians are. 

In many ways, men are oppressed in North America.  Does it make their 
plight any less if they aren't aware of it?

> The people we met and had long candid conversations with regarding
> Stalin were the children or grandchildren of the putative one sixth of
> every Russian that we always heard that Stalin executed.  Can you
> imagine not remembering that your own father, or your own grandfather,
> was executed by Stalin?

Yes, since the vast, *vast* majority of them wouldn't have been executed by 
Stalin in person.  Nor arrested by him, nor tried by him.  By his kangaroo 
kourts, yes, but not by him personally.

> It was a very slick propaganda trick.  It was the main reason we
> entered the "cold war" against Russia for half a century.  But if
> Americans had known just half the TRUTH about Russians, this could
> never have happened. 

Actually, that's not why you the Col War existed.

> The Russians are kicking the jews out, right now.  We bought a "flat"
> from some jews who were going to Palestine because they were promised
> 30 years worth of Russian income in a lump sum payment.  Not even this
> is enough to convince jews to leave Russia, so they're upping the ante
> as we speak. 

Smart people, those Jews.  30 years worth of Russian income in a lump sum 
payment is something akin to $5USD.  Not much of an incentive to cross the 

> When a Russian uses the word "communist", he's usually referring to
> the jews who are no longer in power.  Berezovsky and Gussinski were
> the last jewish media magnates in Russia, who were HATED by Russians,
> but who Putin casually announced on the Larry King Live Show that they
> were "bankrupt" [read: time to go into exile].

Great!  I'm sure the Russian Mafia is peopled by nice, white Christian 
folk.  No, wait.  I'm wrong.  They must all be Jews.

> American jews (as well as jews all around the world) LIED to us about
> the jew Lenin and the jew Trotsky and the Bolshevists who were mostly
> jews, who DID kill tens of millions of CHRISTIANS in Russia, but whom
> Stalin imprisoned, exiled, executed, and assasinated (he had an ice
> pick put through Trotsky's head).  If Stalin had been a jew, he

You enjoy that so much, don't you?  The thought of an ice pick crashing 
through someone's head gets all hot and bothered, doesn't it?

> certainly wouldn't have done any of that, wouldn't you say?

You're nothing but a feminist reversed.  A feminist believes every bad 
thing that's ever happened to a woman is a man's fault.  But as this weird 
Christian, you believe that ever bad thing that's ever happened to a 
Christian was a Jew's fault.  What, really, is the difference?

> That's the short story.  We have been LIED to about lots of things,
> but this one took the cake.

You're right, John.  The lies you've posted before were amazing, but this 
post took the cake.

> John Knight

"...What you have to understand, young lady, is that the Greeks, not 
content with dominating the culture of the Classical world, are also 
responsible for the greatest, some would say the only, work of true 
creative imagination produced this century as well.  I refer of course to 
the Greek ferry timetables.  A work of the sublimest fiction.  Anyone who 
has travelled the Aegean will confirm this..." Professor Watkin - Dirk 
Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

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