brain sizes: Einstein's and women's: pop quiz

Jen Larson straycat at
Thu Jul 25 13:10:04 EST 2002

John Knight wrote:
> "Jen Larson" <straycat at> wrote in message
> news:3D3FCF14.8D466407 at

> > Oh I thought you meant my laundry secret. hm. Little niglets? Is niglet
> > a race? What if one is half asian, one is half black and one is half
> > american indian? what then?  What if they are all white, what then? What
> > if only one of them is half another race and the other are all
> > caucasian? What about Spanish? Those guys are hot!

> So your little niglets are actually chinkspicbeanerindianniglets?  
I did not say what they were, race-wise, I'm just giving you some rope

They must
> be just darling.

This is true.

> > > > Like you can't explain anything. Your idiocy is explains enough about
> > > > you tho.

> > > Amazing.  You managed to pack one incomplete sentence, one misspelling,
> one
> > > extra and unnecessary word, and 3 LIES all in one single line!
> > > Congratulations.

> > Are we getting graded here John Knight? One extra and unnecessary word?
> > there's two unnecessary words right there! Pathetic!
> Interesting that you remembered the extra word and forgot the THREE LIES,
> Larson.  

Knight, you are the liar and whacko sexist racist here, there are no
lies, all of your explanations are _retarded_ and you are a stupified
idiot of the highest acclaim.

It's hard for normal people to remember that feminazis not only
> don't care that they get caught lying--they take pride in it.

I don't lie and liars like you are worthy of nothing but disdain.

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