brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > > >US GDP has absolutely NOTHING, NADA, ZIP, ZERO to do with the FACT
> > we
> > > >have 400 times as many lawyers as the Japanese.  In the trade wars
> > the
> > > >Japanese, guess who's winning and has been winning since the late
> 1970s?
> > >
> > > The stock market is tanking and people still think our economy is
> > healthier
> > > than that of the Japanese.
> > >
> >
> > Isn't that precisely the point?
> >
> > Isn't it a FACT that what the majority of the graduates of our "schools"
> > "think", and what constitutes reality, are exact opposites, way too
> >
> > Less than 5% of Japanese households' financial assets are in the stock
> > market, so the Nikei could drop into the Pacific Ocean without them
> > noticing that it's gone.  What this two year long drop in the US stock
> > market did by wiping out $trillions in financial assets has yet to be
> > learned, but the simple fact that we are the only industrialized nation
> > the world with a *negative* personal savings rate SHOULD have given some
> > Americans a clue.  They seem to have completely forgotten what the
> > "personal savings" even means, though.
> >
> >
> > According to the Japanese government's official web site (a very
> > conservative site), in this midst of this putative Asian economic
> > the Japanese shoveled another $2 trillion in personal savings on TOP of
> the
> > $30-40 trillion they already had in personal savings.   Even "liberals"
> like
> > you would probably enjoy such an economic crisis, eh?
> Actually, if you had any type of economics background you'd realise that
> Japanese actions are the complete opposite of what should be done.  Japan
> will be stuck in a slow down for quite some time do to their massive
> propensity to save as opposed to consume.

This, in fact, is a LIE.

You could not believe this LIE if you had even a remote understanding of the
math you claim to be an expert at.

> > The *official* average Japanese household income in December 1999 was
> $9,819
> > just in that one month, which is two to three times higher than ours.
> >
> >
> The GDP per person in the US is much higher than that.  How is this
> possible?

GDP per person and household income are obviously different figures.  The
latest figure from the US Census Bureau, after a 7 year slide in American
household incomes, was $35,172, in 1996, which is $2,976 per month, which is
ONE THIRD of the average Japanese household in December 1999.

> > Even better they SAVED 43% of it, and spent only 9.9% for taxes,
> to
> > a NEGATIVE 1% US personal savings rate, and a 43% tax rate.  In other
> words,
> > what the average Japanese household put in the bank, our government
> > (as a percentage, not absolute dollars).
> Good.  That means you won't have the same type of economic crisis as

This is really rich.  If  you REALLY *think* that putting TWO TRILLION
DOLLARS into personal savings is an "economic crisis", you are a FAR, FAR
bigger moron than you've demonstrated thus far.

> > How many of these radical feminazis encumbered with so much "negative
> > knowledge" do YOU expect to even be able to understand this "abstract
> > concept", much less to appreciate the significance of it?
> Take a course in macroeconomics.

Should I make sure I have a jewish "teacher"?

John Knight

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