brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > > Do you know why less than 5% of American students even take calculus
> > high
> > > school?  Because 12 years of an "American" public "education" makes
> > > uneducable--they CANNOT comprehend calculus, many of their teachers
> don't
> > > even know the multiplication tables, much less calculus, so most
> American
> > > students don't even know the value of calculus.
> > >
> >
> > I thought you said it was because of race and gender?!  Damn, you can't
> even
> > make up your own mind, can you?  Or did you just guess?
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> Wow, I'm truly amazed that a feminazi couldn't understand the point.

Wow, I'm truly amazed that you're truly amazed.

> BEFORE we spent $trillions in a vain attempt to educate uneducable
> Mexicans, and women, we DID teach normal students calculus in high school,
> we DID have 98 point higher SAT scores, we DID have the world's highest
> capita income, we DID have the equivalent of $12 trillion in personal
> savings, and we did NOT have to continuously bear the feminazi whiiiiiine.


> It IS a race and "gender" problem, all the way.  Our teachers couldn't
> calculus even if they wanted to, because they can't possibly understand
> calculus.  The reason they can't understand it is that they're almost
> exclusively women, sprinkled about with some intentionally dumbed down
> Sociology majors are the only students who score lower than education
> in IAEP, ACT, SAT, and GRE.


> To permit children to hang around with idiots who don't even understand as
> much about the world as the children themselves is the worst form of child
> abuse.

And there you cross the line. You should be committed before you come down
out of that Montana Cabin and blow something else up.


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