TD E/I-minimization [why ken collins acknowledges Jesus' Priority]

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Thu Jul 25 17:19:33 EST 2002

mat wrote in message <43525ce3.0207250809.6d08421b at>...
>> Nope. on the one hand, Jesus was addressing the physical reality of how
>> nervous systems process-information. {and, on the other hand,
>> Infinitely-more.]
>> i just worked to understand nervous system function ~2000 years later,
>> the correlations to what Jesus Taught are so Obvious, i couldn't miss
>funny how everyone else did then.

it's obvious. no one else understood the Neuroscience [all =Please= Forgive
me for saying-it-plain], so how could anyone else see what i saw in the
neural topology.

i'm working to transfer understanding of the Neuroscience stuff.

when folks understand the Neuroscience, i expect folks'll See Jesus in-it,

it's not 'scary'.

it's just Pure-Wonder stuff, that's =Fun= to see, see?

as my Father used to say, with a twinkle in his eye, while i was there,
with-him, in his cellar Workshop, "I never saw a saw that sawed like that
saw saws." :-)

i never 'saw a saw' like what i saw in this Pure-Wonder stuff.

>> i must be doing something right if, "'people must be good'". i've never
>> that, you found it in-there on your own. you've been delving beneath the
>> 'language'-interface stuff :-)
>you may not have said it verbatim but your saccharine tones in just
>about every post suggest as much.  you really are extremely
>patronising and then wonder why people don't reply or do so with
>distain (are you reading beneath this now - i.e. its BS)

what you said? :-)

anyway, i don't "wonder why people don't reply or do so with distain".

through long experience, i've learned that folks tend not to respond, and,
so, i'm Free to just-do-it, without having to do any
'jumping-through-hoops', 'cause, if i did, it's just be waste, anyway.

folks who've read long enough will, perhaps, recall that, because of my
decision, inherent, i repeatedly 'warned-folks-off' [because i didn't want
them to get caught-up-in my decision to take-advantage of the Freedom that
was, obviously, there for the exercising. i sent folks private msgs

so, i Accepted the Consequences, inherent, long ago, and've just been
getting-on with what needed to be done since then.

in other words, i 'died' with respect to hope for myself.

was 'born' in my hopes for the Children, through the understanding, which
i'm working to establish in any way in which there's a chance of their
receiving it.

so, if you're not 'playing-the-straight-man', then, perhaps you should spend
your Precious energy in other matters, 'cause i'm going to just do what
needs to be done, anyway, 'R. mat'.

>> "'companies must benefit society'" - i didn't say such. i've just
>> the Consequences inherent. understanding the Consequences, inherent,
>> folks're Free to Choose their own ways, but the Consequences are there,
>> not, depending on the Choice inherent.
>do you, like, pick up a dictionary find a word you think sounds good
>and then use it all the time?

Nope. i pretty-much always just-wing-it.

it's as Jesus said: ~"Do not be concerned when they bring you to trial, for
what you are to say will be given to you in that moment." :-)

>> "'we must honour truth'" - never said this, either, but what's inherent
>> as above.
>I think you actually may have said that more than a few times

i say, Honor Truth, and Truth Honors 'you' right-back.

not, and not.

there's a 'must' in-there, but folks're Free to Choose with respect to it,
depending on their willingness to endure the "nots".

if you've not noticed, there's much of enduring the "nots" inherent in what
i do.

it's not 'goody-two-shoes', 'wimpy' stuff.

i mean, 'moving toward' Truth, often requires one to 'move away from' what's
become entrenched as the merely-familiar stuff that's correlated with
group-wise TD E/I-minimization.

such merely-familiar stuff exerts physically-real force that 'batters' any
who 'move away from' it, 'two'-often, with Brutal-Savagery.

but, when one understands how nervous systems process-information, one,
simultaneously, becomes able to See that the merely-familiar stuff is 'just'
the stuff of this or that relatively-high TD E/I local-minimum, which,
itself, exists at a distance from Truth, see?

it's a 'see' that i Saw.

such enables one to 'move toward' Truth, despite encounters with the
physically-real force that arises when the merely-familiar stuff is 'moved
away from'.

'course, folks who don't understand how nervous systems process-information
don't get-it. they experience 'blindly'-automated stuff ['fear', 'anger',
etc.] that arises within nervous systems as 'servo-mechanism' stuff that
kicks-in when this or that TD E/I(up) threshold is reached within global
nervous system function, as an evolutionarily-'engineered' 'gamble' with
respect to 'movement'-directionalities with respect to the environmental
source of the TD E/I(up) that they've encountered, which, in my case, is
just 'me', manisting behavioral by-products of TD E/I-minimization, within
my own nervous system, but which're =just= relatively-unfamiliar to others,
so others 'move away from' the merely-unfamiliar stuff.

understanding what's going-on in-there, makes it possible for me to just
continue working to present the Gift of the understanding, see?

>> at an extraordinarily-high WDB2T-Cost.

at an extraordinarily-high WDB2T-Cost.

can you see what's 'hilarious' in-it, 'R. mat'?

to 'pay' such high 'costs', in order to Give at no 'cost' :-)

it's a Demonstration of the stuff of physically-real Wealth.

Jesus addressed such, ~"What you have received as a gift, give as a gift."

he was talking about True-Wealth - the Wealth that's in-Truth.

it's boundless.

all one has to do is 'move toward' it, embrace it, gift-it.

>this thermodynamic malarky you are so keen to profess demonstrates a
>real lack of understanding of physics.  You suggest that people have a
>'choice' as to whether to follow the second law of thermodynamics -
>don't you see how stupid that is?  Thermodynamics are the laws of
>nature, no one or thing has a choice whether to follow them.
>Everything we do follows them as they are how the physical universe
>'works' (apart from some instances where the second law does not hold
>apparently -

go back and read what i've actually posted, this 'time', for comprehension

folks do have a Choice.

it's 'just' that 'moving away from' 'climbing' the energy gradient that is
WDB2T has the Consequence of accelerating WDB2T within the
experiential-'realm' of the folks who so Choose [which most-often, inflicts
the WDB2T Consequences, inherent in their own Choice, upon others who just
happen  to exist within their experiential-'realm', which is the
Neuroscience Rationale underpinning my Choice to Guard Free Will, BTW. it's
a =Hard= problem - heavy-lifting that has to allow folks to Choose not to be
'lifted' [out of the relatively-high TD E/I local minima in which they exist
at a distance from Truth] in other words, 'moving toward' Truth is the
Inverse of 'moving away from' Truth, =but= for folks who exist anywhere,
'within-the-mix', =anything= that 'moves away from' that which, through
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization during experience, has become their
merely-familiar stuff, is experienced as being subjectively-'bad'. it's why
i'm treated like a 'criminal', even though i've given my life to giving the
understanding, see?]

Guarding Free Will is Hard-to-Do.

I See the Need for it in the Neuroscience.

but what actually lifted-me-up to actually endeavoring to do it was Jesus'
Awesome Guarding of Free Will, even from His Cross. He could've done
'snap-your-fingers stuff, but He Did-Not -He Chose to Guard Free Will.

Example to which i try to lift-myself-up.

Cheers, 'R. mat'

ken [k. p. collins, hoping you'll continue 'hammering-on-it, so that it can
be discussed in the light that, in your view, seems needing-discussion.]

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