brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>> It only means that since the women here are frustrated over the fact
>> that they can't quote any stats or do any other thing to out debate
>> Mr. Knight, they must do as women always do when they want to
>> accomplish something bad enough... they begin manipulating using
>> sexual imagery.
>> Jd

>Exactly, Jd.
>The problem is that when these feminazi winners of the
>Janet-Reno-lookalike-contest use such foul language, it could actually make
>you barf.  Can you even imagine such a scene?

Sure. If you put one in a SUV with a 32 oz. soft drink and a cell
phone. ;)

>Have you ever noticed that the vast array of "debate" tools these feminazis
>have includes everything but the FACTS?

Yeah. Especially when they get frustrated. That's when their
primordial insticts surface.

>While the teacher was discussing mass and gravity, and while some of the
>boys were listening and paying attention, all of these morons had visions of
>lopped off penises dancing through their empty noggins.
>Why else?
>John Knight

Yeah. I think SUV sales would soar if they included a fold out
'mini-mattress' as an option. 


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