brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>Angilion wrote... 
>>The reason they refer to Hebrew is because it's the language used
>>for the Old Testament of the Bible and the language used in
>>Jesus' lifetime, where he lived.
>>I think you'll find that the person who wrote the article is a Christian.
>No. A Cristian would never even think of such things so that's not
>even a possibility.

O ye of little imagination.  Christians are not *all* so unimaginative as you
are, and some of us think of some very strange things.  And what's more, some
of us even write them down.

> In fact, it's far more likely that that person is a Jew posing as a
>Christian because, 
> 1) the statements were antichrist in spirit  
> 2) antichrist spirits often try to blend in with Christians as they
>did in the first Church where they appeared in their first

That is a rather meager bit of evidence that someone is "a Jew posing as a
Christian".  If they were "posing" or "trying to blend in" they would be
unlikely to want to give themselves away by such an overt "antichrist"
statement, since obviously such behavior does not make them blend in.

> 3) Jews always point to the Hebrew language as if it's icing on the
>cake when making a point. Believe me, I've encountered this many

Does that mean that John Knight is a Jew, since he often pulls out his
Strong's and misuses a Hebrew word in trying to make a point?

> 4) ADL type liberal Jews want to disarm America and legalizing
>tetrahydrocanabanolis would make that task a great deal easier.

What does being armed have to do with being Christian?  Do you really think
you can defeat Satan with a gun?

>A nation of pudgy little 'hooked' couch potatoes who's main desires
>are watching movies on weekends before and after having sex, would
>offer very little resistance.

I know a few Christians like that.  They may be hooked on alcohol, tobacco
caffeine, and other legal drugs, but they are hooked nonetheless.

> 6)  Real Christians know these things.

This "real Christian" knows otherwise.


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