brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> GodEvolved wrote:
>>Bob LeChevalier  wrote:
>>> Poor nincompoop probably didn't think he'd discover people who know
>>> more about Russia than he does.
>>Not to mention the fact that, for decades, Russians(Soviets, really)
>>had been adept at getting weak-minded little hillbillies like him to
>>believe that they were more open than the US.  I remember an episode
>>of, God, what's that guy's name. 
> Don't be appealing to yourself for answers, mate.  It's quite
> undignified for a deity to do it in public.

But since God is everywhere, everything God does *is* in public<g>.

> [It's Phil Donohue.   Now see what I mean?   How does it feel to be
> enlightened by a mere mortal?]

Phil Donohue!  Thank you so much.  That's the guy, now I remember.  
Actually it feels good, it feels gratifying.  And *my* God doesn't consider 
us mere mortals.

>> He single-handedly pioneered TV talk shows in the 
>>US.  Before Oprah, Heraldo and Springer.  What *is* that guy's name?  
>>Anyway, I'm almost sure you know who I'm talking about.  He did a
>>double- talk show with a fake Russian talk show.  Unfortunately for
>>him, he didn't know it was fake.  They had a bunch Orthodox priests
>>sitting like black crows, stiffly talking nonsense about religion. 
>>You could tell it was forced.  Anyway, this fool says then something
>>to the effect of "See, they have freedom of religion."  Meanwhile, the
>>whole thing was scripted.  It would've been pretty funny if it hadn't
>>been quite so sad.  Much like JK. 
> T. R. Ellis

"...What you have to understand, young lady, is that the Greeks, not 
content with dominating the culture of the Classical world, are also 
responsible for the greatest, some would say the only, work of true 
creative imagination produced this century as well.  I refer of course to 
the Greek ferry timetables.  A work of the sublimest fiction.  Anyone who 
has travelled the Aegean will confirm this..." Professor Watkin - Dirk 
Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

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