brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > > And you don't seem to comprehend that averages mean jack-shi..  Race
> > or
> > > may not be a factor, economic circumstances may be.  Culture may be.
> > > tests themselves may be. No one knows.
> > >
> > > Now if you could post results by race within schools, that may be
> > something.
> > >
> >
> > Only morons who "think" that "averages mean jack-shi." "think" that
> > may or
> > may not be a factor".  The rest of us KNOW that race means EVERYTHING.
> Race
> > determines everything from intelligence, income potential, to education
> > performance, propensity for crime, social status, all the way to
> > security.  The 900 million niggers in Africa are a big enough gene pool
> > help you out with this, whether you "believe in averages" or not.  They
> earn
> > one thirtieth as much as American niggers, and live half as long, and
> of
> > AIDS ten times as often, because niggers here get the benefit of
> > people who've developed systems and industries and national defense that
> > African niggers can't even dream of.  Why?  Because of their small
> You know, this whole statement just blew your fucking theory sky high.
> Since "American Niggers" are not subject to the environment of "African
> Niggers", they perform better, indicating that race is indeed NOT a
> but environment is.
> Gods, what a maroon!

Sure, but the biggest thing about the "environment" here that improved the
lives of niggers was a colossal $850 billion per year social transfer
payment to niggers, which requires White men to work 42 days each year JUST
to earn the money that pays JUST the taxes which fund JUST the welfare paid
JUST to niggers.

If that were cut off, per capita income of American niggers would be only
about twice that of African niggers, which can be completely explained by
two factors:

1) affirmative action, where incompetent niggers took the jobs of competent
employees, and

2) the fact that American niggers are 20% Caucasoid and only 80% Negroid.

In one year, 33 million American niggers get almost twice as much from
Whites through these social transfer payments than the entire economic
output of all 900 million niggers on the entire continent of Africa

John Knight

ps--"Gods, what a maroon" );

Have you ever thought of becoming a comedian?  This one was a crackup.

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