brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > Congratulations for failing to figure this out.  The Japanese love it.
> > Through patriarchy, Japanese women rose to family incomes twice ours
> a
> > fifth of ours just 4 decades ago.  This 10x swing was mostly because of
> our
> > drop in fortunes rather than their dramatic increase.
> This is not true.  Japan had immense economic growth.  A 10x swing being
> blamed on America's decline could only exist if families were broken into
> more than 2 parts.  Are you suggesting that there are no dual income
> families, let alone two parent families, and that the first born of every
> family starts working as soon as they're out of the womb?

This mythology that "dual income families" improved anything or increased
family incomes is a cruel joke, and the joke's on you feminazis.

The mostly one income families in the US in 1970 had household purchasing
power THREE TIMES what these "dual income families" have today.  The
Japanese households which earn two and three times our "dual income
families" today are almost exclusively one income families.  Where's the

Why?  Because it requires the positive productivity of 8 male workers in the
American labor force just to make up for the negative productivity of one
female worker.  There's no other way this could happen.

John Knight

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