brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Fri Jul 26 13:09:36 EST 2002

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<> Oh, I see.  In your personal reality, an "average" Caucasian male cannot
<> possibly disagree with you.
<> I'm ringing up the white-coats right now, they should be at your door
<> shortly.
<> The Shadow Dancer
<Certainly you don't operate under the misperception that there's even ONE
<White American man who ever agrees with you feminazis, do you?
<There are some pathetically feminized males [read: not men, but jews, fellow
<feminazis, faggots, niggers, and other "liberals"] who might pretend to
<agree with you for various reasons, but the're way less than 5% of the
<population altogether.  What you've demonstrated on this forum couldn't be
<more objectionable to just about every American, not just men, and not just
<White men.

Why then, break out the champagne.  Ninety-five percent of the country
agrees with you, so what have you been whining and whimpering about
all these years?  Obviously with that kind of mandate, you could
have set up your magic kingdom overnight.  No one can stand in your way.
It's a walkover.  A gimmie.  Don't bother replying, just race out and
set things right, no one will object.  We miniscule feminazis and
faggots and niggers and liberals won't even be a pebble on the highway.
Why are you wating time posting here?

My, my, my.  It's reminiscent of your inability to explain how the
Jews, whom you have characterized as "the STUPIDEST people on the
planet", nonetheless somehow manage to Control Everything.  Or so 
you tell us.

-- cary

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