brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >>>>To answer Angilion's question, yes, a year and a half of living in
> >>>>Russia,
> >>>
> >>> Znaesh li russkiy yazik .ili yishcho li ty govarish ne prav?  Otvechai
> >>> po russkiy, pozhalysta
> >>>
> >>> Real Russian speakers please pardon my massacre of their language (at
> >>> least I know what I don't know).
> >>
> >>Eto bilo davolno horosho napisano.
> >>
> >>Damn Latin-based alphabet<g>.  It can't render cyrillic correctly.
> >
> > Poor nincompoop probably didn't think he'd discover people who know more
> > about Russia than he does.
> Not to mention the fact that, for decades, Russians(Soviets, really) had
> been adept at getting weak-minded little hillbillies like him to believe
> that they were more open than the US.  I remember an episode of, God,
> what's that guy's name.  He single-handedly pioneered TV talk shows in the
> US.  Before Oprah, Heraldo and Springer.  What *is* that guy's name?
> Anyway, I'm almost sure you know who I'm talking about.  He did a double-
> talk show with a fake Russian talk show.  Unfortunately for him, he didn't
> know it was fake.  They had a bunch Orthodox priests sitting like black
> crows, stiffly talking nonsense about religion.  You could tell it was
> forced.  Anyway, this fool says then something to the effect of "See, they
> have freedom of religion."  Meanwhile, the whole thing was scripted.  It
> would've been pretty funny if it hadn't been quite so sad.  Much like JK.

The LAST source you should trust for your "news" about ANYTHING,
particularly about Russia, is the  jewish controlled "American free press",
yet here you are citing Phil Donahue as an "expert" on Russia or communism?


What you've just demonstrated is how easy it is to mislead millions of
Americans with television, and that it was made possible by really dumbing
down "education".  Not even our own encyclopedias confirm what most jewish
controlled tv programs report, though, so you can bet that you'll get
nowhere close to the truth about Russia through tv.

John Knight

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