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if anyone 'wonders', i didn't choose to go 'bowling alone'.

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    "To Keep the Peace, Study Peace", By MAHVISH KHAN

    Quoting from the article:
    "What Mr. Varshney found was that ethnically integrated organizations - including business associations, trade unions, professional groups, political parties, sports clubs - stand out as the most effective ways of controlling conflict."
    "'Whether it is India, Indonesia or Palestine, "this is an important breakthrough in understanding the problem of ethnic conflict globally," said Robert Putnam, a Harvard professor whose work on civic participation in American life, detailed in his book "Bowling Alone," has been cited by both President Bill Clinton and President Bush. "Varshney's findings show the crucial mechanism by which societies can manage diversity,' he said. 'This is not a handbook to pass out in Bosnia, and his book does not tell governments what to do, yet it frames the problem.'"
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