oscillations - NDT's view on the dynamics that've been mis-taken for

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NDT does the same sort of thing with anything that i know of in the Neuroscience stacks, which is the stuff of the Formal Challenge that's stated in AoK's Preface.

Which reminds me.


i reread AoK's Preface the other night, and, at least in the version that i've been sending out recently, my intention to expand the ms. into a "neuroanatomy/neurophysiology textbook" was deleted in the hypertext version. folks who have the paper version will find it on page v.

i deleted the correlated paragraph, and the original Abstract page [page vii in the paper version] in a later version of the hypertext, mainly because the Abstract was too-much Physics for non-Physicists [since then, i've regretted doing so], but it's done. perhaps i'll restore it if i can find the hypertext software. [i want to do a .PDF version, but want to do so only after bringing AoK up-to-date with the literature, and i just don't see the possibility of that ever happening, unless something 'breaks-through' the 'impasse'.]

k. p. collins
    Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
    Of course, if one sticks-an-electrode into a neuron that's participating in a loop-circuit, it'll 'appear' that the neuron is 'oscillating'.
    But it ain't.
    It's 'just' participating in a loop-circuit, which'll become obvious if the experimental design is enhanced so that the role of the particular neuron, within a newly-converged-upon loop-circuit is different from its role in the prior loop-circuit, during a prior 'trial'.
    individual neurons have extraordinary work to accomplish 'just' remaining ready for the 'call' from the TD E/I-minimization mechanisms, in the midst of their epidritic\protopathic activation 'onslaughts', and in rigorously encoding the activation that they experience within microscopic trophic modifications. this's a lot.
    folks should stop tyring to 'stuff-the-whole-brain-into' individual neurons.
    k. p. collins
    >what there are is dynamically-varying circuit-lengths.
    >such isn't 'oscillation', is it?

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