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>>>do you, like, pick up a dictionary find a word you think sounds
>>>and then use it all the time?
>>Nope. i pretty-much always just-wing-it.
>but this doesn't mean that i'm 'making stuff up'.
>i sit at my keyboard, and just type-it-in-there because i can,
>because i did the research. for me, the 'brain' is of-a-piece. back
>when i was working up to the writing of AoK, i used to 'get-small'
>and 'go for walks' within the interstitial space (conveniently,
>'drained' for the purpose of 'walking' instead of 'swimming' :-)
>it was back in those 'Terrible Times' that i came to comprehend the
>immense information-processing capacity of the 'brain'. i'd do my
>reading on lying on the couch in the garret where i was staying. i
>learned how to 'project' the 3-D Neuroanatomy on the slanty
>above, and 'watch' the functioning of this or that that i was
>studying. i got to where i could 'watch' the whole shooting-match,
>all at once.
>it's still like this. when i post a msg, i'm just writing what i
>right-there, of-a-piece.
>it's an extension of how, as a Young Child, i learned to
>'put-together' the pieces of my Father's woodworking projects so
>i could 'See' what he was building.
>so, when i say that i just wing-it, i'm not making anything up. all
>the research i've done is right-there, and i'm just writing a
>description of what i, literally, See. [it's =not= like watching
>television, though - much more, because i think, and, the thing i
>thing just becomes 3-D-structure-and-dynamics 'watchable'.] it's
>this with everything i think about. [of course, when i delve into
>stuff, it starts crude and goes through many refinements, as data
>integrated - like an Artist's work at his canvas, only
>what it comes down to is that i do the work up-front, so i'm ready
>when it's 'time' to discuss-it. [this, too, is of Jesus: always keep
>plenty of [paraphrase] "oil in my lamp, ready to celebrate the
>bridegroom" ]
>>it's as Jesus said: ~"Do not be concerned when they bring you to
>trial, for
>>what you are to say will be given to you in that moment." :-)
>there's more in this, that i've experienced, but can't explain. part
>of it is, i've Faith, and it 'just' happens.
>routine example: i'll be racking-my-brains in the midst of an
>on a new problem, but get 'stuck'. so i go to the library, find the
>correlated section, scan the titles, select a book, open it, and, on
>the page to which i opened the book, there's the stuff that i'm
>looking for.
>still happens these days, but, nowadays, i'm usually not 'stuck',
>am not really looking for anything, other than anything to 'feed' to
>'curiosity' [i do this routinely because i understand the dynamics
>the "biological reward", inherent, which, further, is why i don't
>'break'. no need to 'break', when one can just nurture one's Being,
>at will, which the understanding makes-possible.]
>so i'm browsing in this place or that, pick something up, and find
>'trigger'-stuff in-there. take it home in my 'mind', and refine its
>stuff, which, in the end, is almost-always stuff that's on a
>'curved-path' from the 'trigger'-stuff, and almost-always
>correlated-to, and extending, stuff i've worked on in the past.
>it's always as if the 'trigger'-stuff is just sitting-there,
>'waiting' for me to glimpse it. i 'recognize' its Worth, without yet
>knowing what its Worth will  actually turn out to be.
>i've never tried to 'explain' it. probably never will try to
>'explain' it. seems more than a 'prepared-mind', 'cause it 'carries'
>me where i've never been before, but, almost-always, 'where' i
>to 'go'.

i can explain the 'prepared-mind' stuff. what i can't explain, like i
can't explain how it could be that Jesus Taught from an obvious
Understanding of how nervous systems process information, is how the
stuff i needed was always just-sitting-there at the 'time' i

there're a lot of examples in AoK. i'll point out a couple.

The Elazar and Adey ref, "Spectral Analysis of Low Frequency
Components in the Electrical Activity of the Hippocampus During
Learning", Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology,
Amsterdam, 1967, Vol. 23, pp 225-240, is a case in-'point'.

I'd probably done a card-catalogue search on "hippocampus", and that
directed me to the ref., [probably along with dozens of others,
because, since trips to the Library were expensive [because i'd
usually have quit my job in order to devote myself to
information-gathering in the Library, and synthesis at home, Library
trips  still are expensive these days, only moreso, because i've been
unemployed for so long] but it was this ref. that gut me 'unstuck'
with respect "Internal Frame of Reference". what caught my attention,
as i worked through the day's selection of refs., was =one= diagram
in the article [a photocopy of which is included in the paper copy of
AoK, Ap3 - "ramp-architecture, "weathervane"]. Something akin to an
internal-shout of, "There it is!", happened :-)

i've not checked for the ref in other Libraries, and, perhaps, i
should [to see if it can be found in =any= university Library], but
it was there [either at a UMass, Amherst, Library, or at the UConn
Medical School Library, when i was there, needing its stuff, and it's
stuff was "Big-Bang" stuff within the development of the concept of
the IFR, and NDT, in general, because the IFR is what
'knits-together' all of the 'mirrors' of the supersystem's "special
topological homeomorphism" [AoK, "Short Paper", Ap3, 5, 6, 7.]

then there was the Chronister, Sikes, and White, Jr. ref. "The
Septo-hippocampal System: Significance of the Subiculum", in The
Septal Nuclei, 1974, p 123, diagrams, in which, [also photo-copied in
the paper version of AoK, Ap5] constitute experimentally-verified
'snapshots' of TD E/I-minimization. This ref's stuff triggered the
development of NDT's concepts of "topologically-distributed
ratchet-pawling", and "whittling".

what's 'hilarious' is that i purchased my copy of the volume
containing the ref. at a non-Science-focused bookstore. it was out on
a table on the sidewalk in front of the bookstore ["Huntington's",
Hartford, CT - it's no longer there], in the midst of hundreds of
other 'trash' books, just as i happened to be walking by, which i did
only relatively-rarely.

all the Scientific American refs. in AoK [`26], were the same sort of
thing, especially, "Thinking about the Brain", by F. Crick, in the
Sept., 1979 issue, which triggered the reification of "Information
Calculus", AoK, Ap6. and it was so, in a multiply-faceted way, with
respect to folks other than 'me', because SciAm refs were available
in local Libraries across the land.

i can explain the 'prepared-mind' stuff. what i can't explain is how
the stuff i needed was always just-sitting-there at the 'time' i




I won't argue such with folks.

But, if it's so, then i'm one extremely-'lucky' guy, 'cause it's
routinely like-this in my experience.

if it's 'luck', then why haven't i won the lottery? :-)


>after the 'refining', it always gets-my-attention real good.
>i chaulk-it-up to that which is =in= Faith.
>'you' know, the Stuff that 'moves-mountains'.
>i've =COMPLETE= Confidence that, if i only 'Look', i will 'See'.
>Forgive me, Please, for saying so, but it  never fails.
>as far as i'm concerned, it's "mustard seed"-miracle stuff.
>the True-Wonder Stuff, inherent, simultaneously is why i do, and
>follows-from, Acknowledge Jesus, which happened only after NDT's
>stuff imploded to unity, and i 'Saw' Jesus in the neural topology.
>For me, it was like with the Apostle, Thomas. i had to 'put my hand
>in the wounds'. "My Lord, and my God!"
>[i wanted to share what's here long ago, but, although i've shared
>with a few Confidants, i refrained from doing so 'Publicly(?)'
>because i understood that, to most folks, it's too 'out-there'. but
>in my Life, it's come to be just routine stuff, and since things're
>'coming-down-to-the-wire', it's best not to 'wait' any longer. so
>i've shared it. there is more, but it's 'bigger', and i don't want
>'push' folks too-Hard.]
>k. p. collins

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