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here is the FAQ sheet I referred to in it's entirity...

Help Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) tell the
truth about how the Anti-Defamation League lies about Militias, law
abiding firearms owners and Judaism. 

Please help distribute the following FACT SHEET! -- PEOPLE MUST KNOW

ADL LIE: Militias threaten you. 

JPFO FACT: The ADL reports on militias offer virtually no facts --
hard evidence, documentation -- to support the ADL's allegations
that militias threaten public order. Why are the ADL's reports
nearly empty of references to newspaper articles with verifiable
specifics as to date, place, time, participants, etc.? The ADL's
reports suggest that a tiny minority of militias is run by
neo-Nazis, racists, or other bigots. Why should the doings of a
tiny, nasty minority be a reason to condemn the vast majority of
decent, law-abiding militia-members? 

ADL LIE: "Gun control" makes you safer, at the cost of "minor"
inconvenience, e.g., permits, waiting periods, registration bans on,
and confiscation of, some firearms and magazines. 

JPFO FACT: The down-side to "gun control" is genocide, and mortal
peril to those in the U.S. armed services, who have recently been
deployed overseas thanks to "gun control". 

In this century there have been at least seven major genocides in
which at least 56,000,000 persons, including millions of children,
have been murdered by officials of governments "gone bad". The seven
cases are: 

1915 - 1917 Ottoman Turkey, 1.5 million Armenians murdered; 
1929 - 1953 Soviet Union, 20 million people that opposed Stalin were
1933 - 1945 Nazi occupied Europe, 13 million Jews Gypsies and others
that opposed Hitler were murdered; 
1948 - 1952 China, 20 million anti communists; 
1960 - 1981 Guatemala, 100,000 Mayan Indians Murdered; 
1971 - 1979 Uganda, 300,000 Christians and Political Rivals of Idi
Amin murdered; 
1975 - 1979 Cambodia, 1 million educated persons murdered. 


In every case, there was on the books before the murdering began, at
least one "gun control" law, sometimes the last of a series. In five
of the seven cases, "gun control" was first enacted by a regime that
came before the genocide regime -- sometimes decades before. 

Most genocides unfold without outside intervention, except after the
fact. For example, during World War II, the U.S. government
absolutely refused to bomb the rail lines leading to the Nazis' main
murder camp, Auschwitz, in Poland. Had that been done many lives
might have been saved. 

The ADL's strategy -- of watching hate groups and urging ever-more
severe" gun control" -- has a lethal flaw. If vigilance fails, and
if a hate group seized control of the U.S. government, prior
enforcement of "gun control" will ensure the hate groupies can
easily pile up mountains of corpses. 

Those who say, "It couldn't happen here...we would never do that ...
", are quite wrong. The U.S. government took all but the last step
of a major genocide just over 50 years ago. On 19 February 1942,
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed Executive Order No. 9066.
Under that order, some 125,000 Japanese-Americans -- 70% of whom
were U.S. citizens -- were forced to leave homes and businesses on
the west coast of the U.S. and were sent to places that the New York
Times of that era called "concentration camps". That Executive Order
was affirmed by Congress in the form of a public law at end-March
1942. The Supreme Court ultimately concurred that these deportations
were legal (Korematsu v. U.S., 1944). 

U.S. armed forces have recently gone to Haiti ("Gun Control"Law, 22
Dec 1922, amended 1 Oct 1980), and to Bosnia (ex-Yugoslavia
"GunControl" Law, 17 Sep 1964) to try to rescue people made helpless
thanks to "gun control". Had we simply shipped rifles to the
Haitians, they likely could have freed themselves from their
murderous government. U.S. troops may be needed to rescue the
Bosnian Muslims, because an arms embargo keeps them from defending
themselves against Bosnian Serb "ethnic cleansing". Why does the ADL
back a policy, "gun control", that forces U.S. soldiers, sailors,
marines, and flyers to go in harm's way? 

ADL LIE: Judaism and "gun control" go together. 

JPFO TRUTH: "Gun control" violates and subverts Jewish Law. The
sanctity of life is a core Jewish value. By promoting genocide, "gun
control" poses a clear and present danger to the lives of decent
people, everywhere. 

Life is so precious that under Jewish law, there are only three
things a Jew may NOT do to save his/her own life: 

a) commit murder (willfully take an innocent life); 
b) bow down to idols; 
c) engage in prohibited forms of sexual activity. 

Thus, a Jew threatened with death unless he eats pork (prohibited
toJews), must eat the pork, if doing so will save his life. 

>From the sanctity of Life comes an imperative to safeguard Life.
Thus, it is written in the Talmud -- the 70-volume Code of Jewish
Law -in at least three places, "And the Torah says, 'If someone
comes to kill you, arise quickly and kill him.'" The Torah is the
Five Books of Moses; this injunction is rooted in Exodus, Chapter
22, Verse 1. This injunction occurs twice in the section of the
Talmud dealing with Blessings (TractateB'rachos), on pages 58A and
62B. It also is found in the section of theTalmud dealing with
Administration of Justice (Tractate Sanhedrin) page 72A. The
contexts are all different, but the message is consistent: forJews,
self-defense is an individual duty. As nothing in the Five Books of
Moses, or the Talmud, is ever repeated without a reason, that this
injunction is three times repeated suggests it is a powerful
injunction, indeed. 

History shows clearly that the biggest murderer -- of Jews and of
other minorities (ethnic, political, linguistic, etc.) -- has NOT
been hate groups,but governments that have "gone bad". To varying
degrees, these murders of Jews occurred because Jews neglected to
learn and to practice our religion's teachings which mandate
self-defense. We have paid a ferocious price for this neglect.
Millions of lives will be saved if Jewish law on self-defense is
faithfully followed. 

ADL LIE: JPFO is a danger to Jews. The ADL lies about JPFO's mission
and research (See letter by Abraham Foxman, ADL National Director,
to the Editor of the New York Times, 21 May 1995). The ADL says it
fights anti-Semitism and neo-Nazis. 

JPFO TRUTH: The ADL dismisses JPFO research that shows the U.S. Gun
Control Act of 1968 (GCA '68) likely is based on the Nazi Weapons
Law of 18 March 1938. Nazi laws have no place in America. Yet, the
ADL backs GCA'68 and advocates further restrictions on
firearms-ownership by the law-abiding. 

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