brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >ps--you wrote:
> >> By the way, as you may have noticed, you won't be able to draw
> >> John into any kind of detailed discussion about the claims
> >> made in the article.
> >
> >This would be a battle of wits with the unarmed, cary.  It's likely that
> >STILL haven't even understood H04 yet.
> It is not merely LIKELY, but CERTAIN, that YOU don't understand H04, since
> you have failed to rise to the occasion and explain the answer despite
> numerous proddings.  You also failed to respond to the probability
> which I offered, to give you the opportunity to demonstrate that you
> understand probability more than you seem to.
> >You couldn't have done a better job of demonstrating an inability to
> >comprehend the English language if you'd tried, then a Norwegian comes
> >who doesn't even understand English that well and BLEW you all away.
> He was wrong.

No, he was 100% correct.

His poor understanding of English may have thrown you off, but he was
precise with his math, he got the CORRECT answer a week ago, yet you morons
"educated" in the American "education" system will probably be debating it
for another month.

To get the correct answer, it's not even necessary to do the math, but he
did it anyway, and you still didn't get it.

Besides that, the url for the answersheet was posted a month ago, and you
STILL didn't get it.

I must admit, this example is truly an amazing demonstration of abject,
chronic ignorance.  When a scientific FACT is presented and so many people
just flat out reject it, for no reason other than how they "feel" about the
person who answered the question, you've proven that TIMSS actually might
have made our "education" system look even better than it is--and TIMSS
proved that we're DEAD LAST in far too many important subjects.


John Knight

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