brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Richard C. August raugust at
Sun Jul 28 15:45:56 EST 2002

Dear T9W,

Let me ask you something:  Why should fathers care to visit their children
when they are stopped at the door and generally prohibited from seeing them
by some whiny, lying woman who tells him to leave the presents he has for
them with her because they've gone away?  Why should fathers visit their
children when they will be the FIRST ones to be blamed for abuse if they so
much as speak to their children?  Why should fathers visit or care about
their children when half their incomes are spent in "child support"
garnished from wages for children they can hardly get to see or raise?  Why
should men even have sex with women, whom God Almighty gave them in
marriage, only to see those beautiful children mercilessly stripped from
them when they were otherwise good providers and parents and never abused
their wives or children once, and never committed adultery or abandonment or
desertion?  Why should men have sex with women who, when they are sexually
unsatisfied for any stupid reason become "married but searching", something

Until you REPEAL the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, deny Title IX as
unconstitutional, and deny men and women the right to divorce except for
adultery, mental/physical incapacity, desertion, or patently proven physical
abuse (broken bones, bruises, stab or gunshot wounds, or being beaten nearly
to death), and RESCIND ALL VERSIONS OF VAWA, then you will consistently have
fathers throwing in the towel because that is their only option to stay out
of jail.

Meanwhile, celibate men are growing in numbers, and so are the rolls of
dateless women.  I really wonder why??

Regarding manners, let's start with first things first.  Politeness and
etiquette enforced at home, coupled with proper training and licensing in
the use of firearms, generally ensure that your child stands a better chance
of not getting shot in the schoolyard.  Add school prayer to that, and
you've shot school shootings right in the head.  In the 1960s, prior to the
denial of school prayer and Scripture reading, the worst offenses were
throwing spit wads, dipping hair into the inkwells, shouting in class, and
passing notes or cheating, or a fist fight.  Now, the worst offenses are
guns in schools, drugs in wall lockers, teen drunkenness/intoxication, and
teen pregnancies.

Lastly, regarding releasing energy and maintaining balance in thought, I
choose PRAYER and EXERCISE, and they work just fine for me.

I may not be the happiest man on the planet, but I have NO ANGST about
having NO SEX.  I have NO ANGST about having NO SEXUAL LIASIONS, either.  We
need to return to the social state that calls celibacy and chastity
something to be honored, and adultery or fornication something shocking to
be disdained and held in extreme disgust.  We need to smash and burn the
idols of pornography and feminism immediately.  We also need to smash and
burn the icons and idols of Sophia, Gaia, Christa, and Asherah immediately
and to the point of anti-remembrance, to vaporise them as though they never
existed, and to replace their worship with the worship of our Loving,
Almighty God, who protects and loves His children with Almighty and
Everlasting Power and Love.  God seeks to stop abuse, yet realises His
children are sinners as well as saints.  God is broken-hearted over the
abuse of His children, both male and female, as He created them.  Yet God
allows this to be a testing for those children who need to draw to God in
faith.  I have NO ANGST in sharing that with you, but instead GREATEST JOY
and PEACE.

Praise God, through prayer, supplication, exercise, and rest, with no sex at
all and no sexual relationships at all, my thought life and my whole life in
general are much more ordered and balanced.  This is because GOD is on the
throne of my heart and has set and is still setting everything in His
Perfect Order.

My prayer and hope for you is that you would find in Jesus Christ what I
have found, that is, stability and lasting peace.  I cannot look to men for
my saving faith, because men are unstable and faithless in their sin.  But I
must look to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my faith, who for the joy
that was set before Him endured the Cross, despising the shame, and is set
at the right hand of God the Father.  Hebrews 12:1-2.  I cannot look at man
for my salvation, but only to the God who saves from sin, death, and the

For you to suggest I am crazy and deserve Thorazine, "For God hath not given
us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."  2
Timothy 1:7.  That is one of God's promises to us, to give us a sounder mind
than some shrink could ever give, for God created the human brain and mind
and wants our minds to become one with His mind.  My mind is getting better
and better thanks to God's healing and prayer.  :)


Richard C. August

"The 9th Witch" <Thec at> wrote in message
news:3d43ead7.1412307 at
> On Sun, 28 Jul 2002 11:28:43 GMT, "Richard C. August"
> <raugust at> yelled from the fourth floor ward window, and
> subsequently was sedated:
> *>T9W,
> *>
> *>First of all, if Witchcraft isn't a religion, then why is the Church
> of
> *>Wicca (pronounced Witch-a) a licensed Non-Profit Group organized as
> a
> *>RELIGIOUS ORDER and based in Salem, MA?
> *>
> Probably because Wicca is a religion.
> Tell me, is Confirmation a religion?  How about Bris? Is Bris a
> religion? Prayer? Prayer's a religion, right?
> If you still don't get it, ask again.
> *>Second, when I talk about charm and grace, I mean MANNERS and
> *>Even the dumbest welfare recipient can appear "reasonably"
> intelligent if
> *>s/he doesn't reach across a table improperly or at least knows how
> to fold a
> *>napkin or address an elder.
> *>
> I tend to think there are a lot more important things to worry about
> than my napkin.  Like are my kids going to get shot on the playground.
> *>Lastly, I don't have any children and don't plan on having any.
> Again, as I
> *>have said, I have no desire to procreate, at least with the likes of
> an
> *>American woman.  If God Almighty should create a woman for me and
> put her in
> *>my path, then let that be God's will.  I am not searching for a
> wife, nor
> *>shall I ever search for one, and have made that clear to individual
> women
> *>face to face.  Therefore I have not merely stated what I have stated
> on this
> *>forum.  I have said so to men and women where I work.
> *>
> And I have stated that nobody cares. You seem to use it as a preaching
> point.  Is Celibacy a religion?
> *>I thank God Almighty and my ex-wife's Gynecologist for my ex-wife's
> *>inability to bear children and also for her Gynecologist's
> prescribing the
> *>Pill for her.  That truly was a blessing sent from God, because her
> *>reproductive organs were too small to bear children and likely would
> have
> *>caused miscarriage or death of my ex-wife.  If she were to have
> borne a
> *>child successfully to full term, her mental condition would have
> caused her
> *>to think of the child as a peer rather than a son or daughter.  She
> thought
> *>of children as peers.  I know.  I watched her as she babysat for
> others.
> *>She never would have been a parent.
> *>
> <sarcasm>
> You mean she treated children like they were intelligent, rational
> people?  Imagine that!  Just awful!
> </sarcasm>
> Or perhaps your god saw YOU as the problem.....
> *>I remain slim, smart, unhappy, and comfortable with that.  I remain
> *>childless, without a girlfriend, and also without any angst that I
> don't
> *>have a relationship with a woman other than my mother.  I'd rather
> be DEAD
> *>than date an American woman.  But since I can't be dead yet,
> Why not?  It's rather easy, you know.   Oh, yeah, your god gets pissy
> about such things, preferring that you remain unhappy.
> *>I'll settle for
> *>celibacy, thank you.  Meanwhile, the prayer chambers and jail cells
> fill
> *>with abused men who have had enough of women and feminist
> shenanigans.
> *>Increasing numbers of men like me are becoming content with being
> dateless
> *>and celibate rather than having extreme angst over relationships
> with women
> *>and the directions they take.  May God forgive me if I should
> disobey His
> *>command in Matthew's 5th chapter and hold a thought of what having
> sex with
> *>another person would be like.  May God wash me clean of all impure,
> vain,
> *>and wandering thoughts.  May God also do the same for increasing
> numbers of
> *>men who have had their fill of women and their crazy shenanigans.
> *>
> *>And really, where are BOTH parents concerning their children's
> education?
> *>With a divorce rate of over 50% across the board in the first four
> years of
> *>marriage, a dropping domestic partnership rate, a decline in
> matrimony
> *>overall, and a 96% male incarceration rate with an over 28% rate of
> *>recidivism, where are the MEN/FATHERS in these families, anyway?
> Don't know. 'Tis their failure, and though I will admit that some
> women go the distance to keep them away, they DO have legal recourse.
> In my case, he never bothered to call, write, or visit his children.
> Neither my own father, nor my children's father.  In other words, they
> just didn't give a shit.
> *> For that
> *>matter, why should men even bother having sex at all?
> *>
> My husband boggled at that remark.  "To release energy and maintain
> balance in thought".  Judging from your posts, I guess he's right.
> T9W

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