brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> Dear John,
> You forgot one factor.  The Current US Dollar is worth only about $0.15 to
> $0.20 of the 1968 US Dollar, which was still on the Gold Standard.  Then
> President Nixon removed our Dollar from the Gold Standard, but still held
> the price fixed at $35 per ounce until about 1974, when price fixing was
> removed.  Now Gold fluctuates between $250 and $400 per ounce, traded as a
> mere COMMODITY.  And our dollar isn't worth the paper on which it's
> Sounds like pre-Nazi Germany, eh, old friend?

It is a mere commodity.

And paper currency is only worth as much as you think it is worth.  Just
like any money.

> What would happen if you factored that TINY matter into the actual value
> the Dollar and the shack it's supposed to buy, or the rattling tin can you
> have to drive, or the house you're supposed to rent whilst its nouveau
> cavort in Cadillacs and consume Caviar?  Truly, it means our paychecks
> aren't worth toilet paper.

And yet you can trade your pay checks for a great deal more goods now, then
you could back in 1967.

> heheheheh, I laugh at the feminazis here...  You screwed yourselves out of
> your mansions and into your poor farms...

Actually, it seems that mansions are more common now.  The number of houses
sold increased, thus the number of people in the median houses will have
also increased.

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